Moto Guzzi V850 X, New Scrambler Awaiting EICMA – News

The future of the Moto Guzzi V850 X seems more than a hypothesis: Technical details found by British media reveal that what appears to be an air-cooled twin-cylinder family scrambler will be in the works

6 July 2022

M.While we wait for the V100 Mandello to hit the streets that was officially introduced at EICMA and – who knows – maybe even the presentation of some other novelties based on the same liquid-cooled platform (don’t tell me none of you thought of the new Griso) it received many positive reviews during The latest version of the Milanese gallery, the hypotheses are strengthened that you wish V850 X – Supposed to be a scrambler – More or less soon.

sSome time ago we posted one A spy photo of a prototype taken near the Moto Guzzi factory in Mandello del Lario. The photo, taken by Lecco, and trial expert, Oscar Malugani, actually showed a New version based on V7 Which featured spoke-bar wheels like the Special and a streak recalled in the back late ’80s Moto Guzzi bikes like the Le Mans 1000 or Lario 650, as well as much less “classic” superstructures starting with the LED headlight.

Could this be the V850 X whose existence and technical details were revealed by Bennetts’ colleagues through the homologation documents just reported on their website? Of course, it could, with all the conditions of the case, given that the photo shows a low-exhaust motorcycle while the V850 X we’re imagining could be a scrambler, and therefore equipped with a high-pass exhaust like that of the Moto Guzzi NTX 650 A semi-streamlined enduro from the early ’90s (a bike that, in the writer’s opinion, wouldn’t be today age…).

V7 . stone

s.So I’m talking about a model that will be offered with two power levels, 47 hp to be suitable for an A2 license and 66 hp For the 853 cc air-cooled twin cylinder, with a slight increase in power compared to the V7 equipped with the same engine, while the weight obtained from the homologation documents is placed in 213 kg With significant savings compared to the Stone and Special sisters (in the opening photo). Choosing Michelin Anakee tires will result in a bit more off-road deflection than other V7s and for a bike that could go into competition with the Triumph Scrambler 900 (the famous Street Scrambler from 2023 will also be called) just as the V7 battles with the English competitor Speed ​​Twin (Here too, a new name from 2023 for the historic Triumph Street Twin opponent for the Mandello double cylinder.)

There is no specific information about when it will be possible to unravel the mystery but it is at least likely that Milan next show It will bring some other good news for fans Mandello brand.

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