Nadal retires from Wimbledon –

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The Spanish tennis player announced in a press conference the night before the semi-final that he is supposed to play against Kyrgios.

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London – Goodbye Grand Slam (half done so far).

The end of the potential dream of (im) Rafa Nadal In Church Street, London, on a sad Thursday evening in July.

Abdominal injury – daily sports newspaper Brand He may have talked in the afternoon about a 7-millimeter elongation – exacerbated during the quarter-final battle with the American Taylor Fritzthe champion of 22 titles is not allowed to take the field in the semi-finals against Nick Kyrgios.

I’m sorry but I can’t – I admitted the sad hero in a press conference called a special – withdrew from the tournament. The abdominal muscles did not improve, she confirmed the presence of strain. I was thinking all day about what was best for me. I decided it didn’t make sense to risk making the injury worse. Under these conditions I can’t play or win two matches: I can’t serve at full speed, movement is limited. I have already risked my feet in Paris: I owe respect to myself. I won’t be able to compete at this level. More important than any address at this stage is my health and happiness. It will take some time to see him back on the field: After being out for 3-4 weeks, I hope to be able to continue programming as I had imagined.

Yet he trained.

Forty-four minutes of practice (33′ dribbling with fellow countryman Marc Lopez, 11 minutes rest) on the All England Club’s Perimeter Course, as far as possible from prying eyes.

Yes, he served.

Nice as in the first two sets with fritz, but served.

Saint Rafa Nadal’s biography, always standing – albeit limp and tattered – Ercolino was at Wimbledon chasing the third quarter of the (real) Grand Slam that would have given him the life mission in September (to also include the US Open), a construction site in progress.

In Paris, a month ago, he said he played and won with her Anesthetize his right toe with painkiller bitesHere in London the same finger nerve arrived asleep from radiotherapy sessions, and as if that weren’t enough, tummy trouble was added to the ailments.

Brand He stressed that it would not be Nadal’s first time in a major final in these circumstances (in New York in 2009, for example, when he bowed to del Potro in the semi-finals).

Tennis, here at Wimbledon, is divided between those who consider Nadal a recent resistance champion (for his own collapse, first of all) or an absolute champion who sometimes doesn’t mind imagining some trauma from the life of a super professional (Fabio FogniniIn particular, he had made a critical post in a Twitter story: Stop believing what you’re reading, he wrote a retweet of an article praising Nadal’s ability to reach the final at Wimbledon as an injured person, only to specify that he made no mention of Spanish… ).

But in short, he even made a bit of a flaw in the triumphal narrative that accompanies the exploits of the fighter from Manacor, who played Wednesday at the age of 36. Freedom to disobey his father Sebasti, who made a gesture to leave the field (But he was right), Rafa Nadal’s resilience, even from that agonizing retirement from Wimbledon, should be mentioned in the history (and anatomy) books.

Therefore, I will not play against Friday Nick Kyrgios
. The green light towards the final for the Australian bad boy who made his career debut in the semi-finals at Wimbledon and towards the 21st Grand Slam title, allowed Nick Wild, Novak Djokovic (On Friday the only game of the day with Father Nuri pays for Nuri).

Live or die, Nadal knows no other law. Do not enter the act of withdrawal in its vocabulary. But this time he said his body had stopped. Touch to accept her, if you hope to see her again in New York.

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