Nadim Zahawi could become Prime Minister of Great Britain: who is

From Luigi Ippolito

The race for succession begins. And there’s also Liz Truss, Ben Wallace and Benny Mordaunt, the two ministers who sparked the crisis with their resignations: Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid.

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LONDON – By being appointed as Chancellor of the Exchequer on Tuesday night, Boris Johnson may have unwittingly paved the way for his successor: because now Nadim Al-Zahawi is at the center stage to become the next prime minister. And if that happens, it will be an extraordinary human and political story.

The simple reason: Al-Zahawi, 55, an Iraqi Kurd who was born in Baghdad and arrived in Great Britain at the age of nine, with his family fleeing Saddam Hussein’s regime, without speaking a word of English. In Italy, a person like him will not even get citizenship, in London he risks becoming head of government.

Arriving in the English capital, young Nazim was shocked by the cold and bad weather: but the worst was yet to come, because In the public school he attended they bullied him, So much so that once they threw him in a pool of water. For this, his parents, at great sacrifices, transferred him to a private institution and from there he graduated in chemical engineering at the prestigious University College London.

But the young Zahawi had a talent for work: After an early career in marketing, he founded one of the largest polling companies in the UK and thus managed to make a fortune. It’s real A self-made man And that’s why it’s so popular among conservatives, but maybe this is also an Achilles’ heel: with A personal fortune of 100 million pounds and a real estate portfolio of 30 million euros, He is certainly no longer a man of a people despite his humble origins.

At the political level, Zahawi made himself appreciated as the minister of vaccinations during the epidemic: for this, Boris promoted him to head of the education department, before moving to the position of chancellor. Very good on TV, great communicator, Zahawi will be Britain’s first black prime minister.

But mace competing ready to take the field a large group of aspirants to lead the government. First of all, Liz Trussthe secretary of state who pretends to be the new Thatcher and has gained fame for her radical stances on the conflict in Ukraine.

The war that also led to higher prices Ben Wallace, Secretary of Defense, who is currently topping opinion polls among Conservative Party members: Wallace has no real support base in the parliamentary bloc. And speaking of military credentials, one cannot help but mention the name Penny Mordaunt, who in the past was also the Secretary of Defense and a former Marine reservist: She also has leadership ambitions. But you should pay attention to the ministers who ignited the crisis with their resignation on Tuesday: Ex-consultant Rishi Sunak and former health owner Sajid Javid. the first, of Indian origin, was deducted for being a billionaire whose wife it turned out did not pay taxes in Great Britain; The second also has a huge personal history The son of a Pakistani bus driver succeeded in becoming a star of international finance. Finally, the eternally ambitious Prime Minister, Jeremy Hunt, the former Minister of Health and Foreign Affairs, who had once in vain challenged Boris Johnson three years ago: but again, his chances do not seem to be the best.

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