‘Necessary to avoid new closures’

The infectionI hospitalization Covid and family work intensive care. Omicron 5 It is now the dominant sub-alternative in the world and we are back to talking about it masks And the Close. The use of personal protective equipment could return at least in some contexts, with the goal of avoiding the actual shutdown of services.

Meanwhile in Italy I Infection continues to rise with Omicron variable and summitAccording to experts, it is expected around July 25, when it is likely that more than 200 thousand cases will be reached per day, and perhaps close to 300 thousand. Anyway, the government does not want to re-introduce restrictions from which type.

Despite this, we will come back to talk about it mask And to ask to wear it in some contexts, such as the context of the gods maxi events and concerts. there Jimbei FoundationPublishing new weekly data, highlights how it is necessary to use masks to avoid a De facto closure.

Cases, hospitalizations and intensive care are increasing in Italy

Jimbei Foundation Monitoring For the period between June 29 and July 5 showing a net increase in infections: i new cases It grew by 55%, with a negative trend in all Italian regions and provinces. to rise too normal hospitalization In Covid departments (+32.6%) and those in intensive care (+36.3%), as well as I death cases (+18.4%).

Last week they signed up Nearly 600,000 injuriesCompared to 384 thousand in the previous week. The number of deaths increased from 392 to 464 and grew by 40% both Currently positive people Of those in home isolation due to Covid.

Omicron 5 is the dominant alternative in the world

Latest report onWorld Health Organization The BA.5 sub-variable, known as ., stands out Omicron 5so be it Spread all over the world. Overall, the different sub-variables of Omicron accounted for 92% of Covid cases in June, but Omicron 4 and more than 5 are on the rise.

Omicron 5 is present in 83 countries and has risen to 52% of cases, while Omicron 4 We are 12% of the total. It drops below 10% Omicron 2. At the moment, there is no evidence that that has changed the severity of the disease using Omicron 4 and 5, but there has been an increase in cases and in hospital and intensive care units and deaths. In addition, a new sub-variant discovered in India, also appears to be concerned about contagion.

Are masks back to avoid lockdown?

In Italy, with the increase in cases and hospitalizations, the Gimbe Foundation’s invitation to return to Use masks. Today, the obligation is still based only on transportation and sanitation. The foundation stresses that as the spread of the virus rises, there is a risk.”a De facto closure On various services, including tourism services“.

The World Health Organization also recommends Go back to using masks In dangerous situations, pros are also asked to isolate themselves and not turn around. As for the mask, it is an invitation to wear it crowded places And in places where there is poor ventilation.

Maxi Unknown Events: Do you need a mask?

use masks It can also return in other contexts, such as Maxi events and concerts. It’s hard to get back into a commitment in these cases, but the recommendation is definitely getting stronger. Giovanni Reda, Director General of Prevention at the Ministry of Health, stresses the need to preserve utmost caution On the occasion of large gatherings. An invitation to wear the accompanying masks to give the second stimulant dose to the weak and the elderly.

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