Nicholas Vaporidis: I honestly won Lizola and found real connections

The actor beat the finalists with a preference of more than 80%. Sourissi tells how it went

Antonella Silvestri
Jul 7 2022 at 7:52 am

After 99 days and 25 episodes (along with 30 other outcasts) it was him, Nicholas Vaporidisto win “The Famous Island” The 2022 edition. The Romanian actor, who was the most favored during the final, beat Carmen Di Pietro (third place) and then Luca Davry with more than 80% of the vote.

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The Romanian actor, who became famous thanks to the movie “The Night Before Exams”, received a prize money of 100,000 euros (part of which will go to charity) for winning the 16th edition, the longest in the history of reality television. .

His victory was a referendum. Did you expect it?
“I was positively surprised. It was my desire to get out of a “machine” I didn’t know unscathed. I always thought I would never betray myself.”

Once I got out, I did the two things I missed most: eat the chocolate cake and start posting on social media again.
“Eating yes, I missed, and I did not publish (smiling). But I started showing my own in public again, even with a picture of a donut. I’ve never done this before. Not out of arrogance but out of secrecy. Now (and I must also thank Lisola) I have freed myself from the fear of telling myself.”

He will get sick of rice, fruits and fish…
“I will not touch snails again in the next 10 years! As an Italian I demanded sugars and carbohydrates ».

How many kilos did you lose?
“Eight. I weigh 56 kilograms, like 13. I look a little tired, but the doctors said I’ll recover.

Who was the first to call you?
“Mom. We reassured each other … ».

The motto of this edition was: “Everything can change.” Did this happen to her?
Al Jazeera was a magnifying glass that sheds light not on change but on the development of my character. I’m conservative and I have my time to open up. Some of my fellow adventurers understood this, like Edoardo Tavassi, as he helped me tell my story publicly.”

What gave way to the initial distrust?
“Primary distrust, daughter of fear, turns into lightness.”

You define yourself as being honest. But what situation would he have avoided?
“I have no regrets. I have always said everything in relation to others and myself with the firmness I have gained over the years. Silence to avoid trouble is not an idea of ​​mine. Those who do not take sides in a decisive manner are complicit, and I have never wanted to turn my head the other way, not even for comfort.” ».

Have you received any criticism that hurt you? Which?
“Nobody. The adjective most frequently used when there were no arguments against me in support of his thesis was ‘wrong’. Eduardo Tavasi and I acted like two brothers slaying each other because they loved each other and a hug was enough to melt the grudge. We are more friends than before.”

At one time, it was associated with the names of actors and directors who were considered intellectuals. Today among his friends there are also untouchables. What has changed?
“I am still a Trastevere boy. I like to surround myself with real and good people, outside of their profession. Edoardo doesn’t have a traditional intellectual profile but is smart and self-deprecating. I am drawn to the humanity of people.”

It helped break down the prejudice that filmmakers can’t participate in reality shows…
“The freedom to make your own decisions is priceless. Life is one, and if you use the decisions you make to enrich it, the news is welcome.”

Do you like the idea of ​​working as a TV personality?
“It will be a huge challenge, human and professional growth. But for now, I will not be participating in other reality shows.”

What will he do with the money he won?
“I will manage it like all my resources. I will continue to live in London where I have my restaurants, but I will also try to enjoy beautiful Italy so that I can make films and maybe even television.”

Have you already thought about gifting your girlfriend to me?
“Yes: time. We spend a lot of time together.”

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