Nobody knows that a small duct tape on the balcony is enough to solve this common problem

When we have to solve some problems, we often have to look for expensive solutions. Indeed, we search in search engines for places to go to buy this or that product, and then often realize that we already have it at home. In particular, the most common problems are associated with the home, that is, the space in which we spend most of our time. Many also have a balcony or terrace which increases the surface and the number of hypothetical problems to be solved. However, no one knows that a little masking tape on the balcony or veranda is enough to say goodbye to these kinds of problems.

It’s not just a closet

Many Italians use their balcony or terrace as a place to put things they don’t know where to put. Not everyone has a basement or an attic, so they fill the balcony with commonly used items. Sure, the bulkier bikes are bikes, but many were adept at creating bookcases or nooks to put just about anything in. The lucky ones manage to create a green space on the balcony by choosing the most suitable plants for each climate and space.

In addition, there are many people who also keep a pet at home. Whether it’s a small dog or a cat, he is sure to see the outer space as a partial escape from the four walls of the house that he often sees as too small.

Nobody knows that a small duct tape on the balcony is enough to solve this common problem

A balcony solves some space issues, but it can cause some critical issues. In fact, a strong gust of wind is enough to spoil all our plans. If we put a lot of things on the balcony, it may fall off. And if we live on the upper floors of the building, we risk causing damage if it falls on the street. Even a falling book can break a car windshield. And if we have a pet like a cat, the risk of him falling can become strong if it rains or if there is a lot of wind.

Here masking tape comes to our aid in every way. On the one hand, it would be enough to put it between the spaces of our handrails to prevent things from falling. On the other hand, if we put it on the railing, the cat will go there much less because it will not recognize this surface as safe. Next, we will solve any problem with a simple masking tape.


Furnish a balcony or a small exposed terrace in style, while spending very little and following the trends of summer 2022

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