On a summer’s morning there is pain for the gentlemen: “Leaving the emptiness.”

One summer’s morning, she’s having a agonizing moment for the conductors, Massimiliano Osini and Maria Soave, still in disbelief that he’s gone.

The collectors wanted to devote a large area of ​​their broadcasts to the memory of the great artist: for them it was a very cruel blow to lose her so suddenly.

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One morning, summer is now running though, Like his sister format Autumn, it seems You fight against the competition. Maria Soave and Massimiliano Ossini have been tasked with this year’s show who also appear to be the favorites to run the upcoming winter edition.

The two are so close to doing the morning show, they recently wanted to dedicate a good part to an episode The memory of a great artist and woman. Let’s talk about Rafaela Cara who passed away July 5, 2021: Barely a year has passed since his disappearance.

Rai’s introduction left a huge void, not only on television, but in the hearts of the millions of fans who presented and took her as a model. Raffella has managed to transcend generational differences to please fans of all ages and is left suddenly and on tiptoe. Thus they celebrated his greatness in the possession of Unomatina.

Summer morning, living pain for leaders

The program certainly cannot fail to remember memory of disappearance by Ravella Cara. The woman died a year ago of lung cancer that she hardly told anyone about. This is why his sudden death came as a shock to many.

In the second part of the estate Unomattina Ossini Thus he made a dedication to Raffaella: Rarely does a public figure die Produce such a strong feeling of disbelief The man started. Then the train conductor explained that from July 5 until the following Saturday, the Rai was to dedicate five days to the memorial of Raffaella.

“She was the queen of Saturday night… In an interview she said that a good artist should know how to do everything and she actually is She was good at everything Maria Swaf added. He was also talking about Carrà Gigi Marzullo, guest in contact with Ono on a summer morning. The guy was working as a reporter for Raffaella when she ran the Dominica Inn, in the late ’80s, and he couldn’t help but say wonderful words about her: “She was an addition to talent, simplicity and sincerity… She also defended those who worked with her.”

The memory of Raffaella has surely affected many people who knew her but also her fans who have followed and loved her for over thirty years.

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