Organic chemistry: what it is and why it might appear in medical tests

In medical school entrance exams, organic chemistry questions are expected to appear. What is it and why is it important to know?

From July 4 to 22, aspiring physicians will be able to register to test for entry into the College of Medicine as freshmen for the 2022/23 academic year. Candidates have to register for the entrance examination exclusively through the procedure available on the official website of the university, while the participation fee for the examination is paid according to the procedures established by the university in which the examination is taken.

The medicine test It will be held throughout Italy on September 6 for access to medicine, surgery, dentistry and prosthetic dentistry, on December 8 for veterinary medicine, on September 13 for IMAT (medicine, surgery, dentistry and dental prosthetics in English), on September 15 reserved for health professions.

Among the possible topics for preparation, questions organic chemistry. Especially for medicine and dentistry. But what is this that prevents many students from sleeping?

What is organic chemistry?

Organic chemistry is a branch of chemistry. We owe this term to the Swedish chemist Yunus Jacob Berzelius It was first adopted in 1807. By “organic” we mean compounds extracted from living organisms. Decades later, in 1861, August Kikuli Use this compound term to define the study of carbon compounds.

Organic Molecules: The Building Blocks of Living Matter

This topic deals with the chemical and physical properties of organic molecules, which are molecules (chemical structures made up of several atoms) containing carbon atoms (denoted by the abbreviation C). Therefore, organic compounds are conventionally defined as carbon compounds with the exception of oxides, monoxides, dioxides and salts of the latter. Simply put, organic compounds are the main components of living matter, and we are surrounded by them, think for example of proteins, carbohydrates, paper and plastic.

These organic compounds are represented by Structural formulawhich highlights the bonds that keep atoms together: in the lab and on study tables, each bond that unites two atoms is indicated by a dash.

However, organic chemistry is less abstract than we think; It studies the subject compounds that we deal with daily and not only.

Why is it important to study organic chemistry?

Currently we know more than 2 million From organic compounds. Synthetics are also produced, so their number is constantly increasing. Let’s take for example sucrose (The Sugar Table). It is one of the most pure organic compounds produced and used in the world. Sucrose is made from sugar cane and beetroot, so it is the product of the union of a glucose molecule with a fructose molecule.

Why is sugar one of the most widely used organic compounds in the food industry? Because, as many studies have shown, sugar, in addition to being a major cause of weight gain, creates Accreditation. It works on the same areas of the brain as drugs, nicotine, and other addictive substances. You understand very well that in a civilization he leads strongly consumerism, the food industry is using it extensively to motivate consumers more and more to buy products. More addiction means more sales.

This is why the study of organic chemistry is essential for future physicians, but not just for them. We think of dentists, pharmacologists, laboratory chemists, and veterinarians. The study of organic chemistry is necessary to face future research in this field Biochemist And the biologicalone of the sectors closely related to Health and Nutrition.

So organic chemistry is important because it represents the study of life and all chemical reactions related to life. It is one of the many bricks that make up the complex path towards research Good.

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