Paramedic Mariupol, “tortured for three months by the Russians” – Europe

Three months of constant torture after being captured by Russians and separatists in Mariupol on March 16: Yulia Bayevska, a 53-year-old paramedic known as Taira, recounted her ordeal in the Donetsk Preventive Detention Center. “For five days I did not eat and practically did not drink,” according to CNN. Bayevska said the abuses, including the beatings, were “severe” and “didn’t stop for a minute in all these three months.” The woman also reported violent daily psychological stress: “You are constantly told you are a fascist, a Nazi,” she said, in her comparison of labor conditions in the labor camps. “They told me it’s better to die than to see what happens next.” “Frustrated by the fact that I did not make any confession on camera about alleged neo-Nazi links – he said – they put me in solitary confinement, in a prison without a mattress, on a metal bed.” In Ukraine, Taira is almost a celebrity, she has also participated in the Invictus Games, the veterans’ sports sponsored by Prince Harry. From the very beginning of the Russian invasion, in addition to his activity as a paramedic, he documented with a video camera what was happening in Ukraine: bombs, explosions, wounded, victims.

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