Pesina from Atalanta to Monza: Milan also win, that’s how much | first page

Matteo Pesina in Monza. A heart affair Brianza midfielder for the national team, who will also wear captain badge In your city team: transfer numbers 3 million interest-bearing loans, plus another 12 million against the obligation to redeem under certain conditions. In addition toAtalanta but, Milan also enjoy itwhich will be spent Percentage of player next resale Listed at the time of sale to the Bergamo region in 2017.

earn ac – Atalanta In fact, depending on whether certain conditions are reached or not, they will have to Pay the devil between 30 and 50% of the realized capital gains From sale to Monza of Pessina, A figure of just over 11 million euros, So no less than 3.5 million rewards. If Pessina stayed in Atalanta and crossed 100 appearances in the goddess shirt, The Rossoneri could have collected 2 million on the spot.

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