Pope Francis Announcement: For the first time in the history of the Vatican, two women will examine the appointments of new bishops

two women They will check for new hires bishops. announce it Pope Francesco In an interview with the agency’s Vatican expert ReutersAnd the Philip Bolilawhere he also denied thinking about it Resignationfrom cancer, and reconfirmed his readiness to enter Russia And the Ukraine To bring peace between the two warring countries. On the role of women in Roman curia, Bergoglio explained: “I am open to being given a chance. Now Governorate Deputy Governor … Now, in the Dicastry of Bishops, in an Election Commission bishopsTwo women will go for the first time. It opens a bit like this.” From what he learned ilfattoquotidiano.itthe women whom the Pope has decided to appoint as members of the congregation of bishops, and who will therefore be part of the plenary From the body will be evaluated ponenze candidates for the episcopate, are two nuns Who will support many ecclesiastical.

Francesco added that he sees the possible in the future Designation of the secularists at the head of the doctors such as those of the secularists, and family and life, for culture, education or for Vatican Apostolic Library. This is stipulated in the new Apostolic Constitution of the Roman Curia, datum Evangeliumissued by Bergoglio after nine years of operation and entered into force on June 5, 2022. Most recently, Cardinal Kevin Joseph FarrellThe Governor of Decastry joked about laymen, family and life, with the passage of the new law. constitutionHe could be the last cleric to lead that body. There are many women candidates before dad In the High Offices of Roman Curia: Who Email kodaSecretary of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, to Fr. Rafaela PetrineMinister Governorate Vatican State, to Fr. Alessandra SmerleySecretary of the Integrated Human Development Department, to Francesca Di Giovanni, Under-Secretary for the Multilateral Sector of the Department of State Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to Fr. Natalie PicquartProcurator of the Synod of Bishops, a Natasha JoufkarDirector of the Theological-Pastoral Directorate of the Directorate of Communication, to Barbara Gatta, Director of the Vatican Museums, and Christians MurrayDeputy Director of the Press Office of the Holy See.

In the interview, Francesco also mentioned thattemporary agreement Holy See with People’s republic of China “Okay” and hopes that it will be renewed for the third time in October 2022. In this way, the situation of the Catholic Church in China was healed by the restoration of a company With Rome bishops appointed without papal mandate. Agreement that states a common path To get to the selection of new bishops, he leaves the final word to the Pope. Bergoglio explained that the one who carries this agreement forward is the Cardinal run out Baroline Who is the best diplomat for the Holy See is a high-ranking diplomat. He knows how to move and is a man of dialogue and talks with the Chinese authorities. I think that A committee The one he headed did everything to move forward and look for a way out and they found it.”

Francis added: “Many have said many things against Saint John XXIIIagainst san Paul VIagainst the cardinal Augustine CasaroliBut so is diplomacy. Faced with a closed situation, it is necessary to search for the possible path, not the ideal, and diplomacy is the art of the possible and making the possible a reality. The Holy See has always had these great men. but this with China Parolin brings it forward, and he is great at this point.” And again: “It goes slowly, but there were bishops eye. It goes slowly, like I said, the Chinese way, because the Chinese have this sense of time when no one rushes them. They also have problems, because it is not the same situation in every region of the country. Because the way to maintain relations with the Catholic Church also depends on the rulers, there are many of them. But the deal is good and I hope it will be possible in October renewal“.

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