Raul Bova and Rossio Munoz Morales at sea, happiness the size of a family

07 Jul 2022 09:36

The two actors are on vacation at Roccella Jonica with their daughters Luna and Alma

Hand jogging on the beach at sunset, diving with girls, kissing … Raul and Rossio do not miss anything during their vacation in Calabria and share memories of the wonderful moments spent with the family on social networks. Flaunting her bikini body at the water’s edge, the actress was photographed with Bermuda shorts and a T-shirt.

“Where I grew up, everything tastes sweeter…” Buffa wrote, sharing the footage. In recent months, rumors have spread of a crisis between him and Munoz Morales, which the actor couple preferred not to respond to. Or at least not in words: Their family vacation photos are worth more than any denial.

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