Regional medicine. Calabria “Pioneer”: generates continuity units for general medicine

The green light of the Regional Council for the creation of law (the only region in Italy) Uca. It will help contain the recourse to hospitalizations, also keeping in mind the persistence of Covid-19. By September 30, the District will adopt a specific address document to confirm or change the location of the Continuity of Care Units, in light of the various needs expressed by the District. The law then intervenes in health care funds to give them entrepreneurial autonomy, and thus complies with national legislation.

July 07 Usca retired, but Calabria decided not to put this experience behind, but to institutionalize it and make it fully functional, and to create Uca, Continuing Care Units, through a new law, already approved by. The board, which defines its institution and mission, attributes adoption of the guidelines to the commissioner.

The Uca will have a mission to “allow the freely chosen general practitioner or pediatrician or the continuity of the care physician to ensure normal care and limit hospital emergency room use, also taking into account the persistence of Covid-19.” One per 50,000 inhabitants, within the continuity of care services to the structures of the regional health authorities, as well as for the home management of patients with Covid-19 who do not require hospitalization, will be activated in the continuation of the operation with the established special units Continuity of care that lasted until 30 June 2020.

So the Uca, for now, would represent a kind of continuation of Usca, but their experience won’t necessarily remain in Covid. The law states, in effect, that by September 30, 2022, the District shall adopt “specific guidelines for confirming or changing the location of the continuation of Care Units, in relation to the various needs expressed by the Territory.”

The law then intervenes to address some of the regulatory inconsistencies in healthcare in Calabria, for example granting healthcare companies administrative rather than entrepreneurial autonomy, which is now also obtained for the Azienda Zero. Moreover, amendments to paragraph 1 of Article 7 of regional law n. 11, in order to add a “board of directors” to health corporate bodies was not taken into account by the previous law.

07 July 2022
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