Reserved for paranoid levels. What do you think of a reality show? I don’t rule it out

Famous Al Jazeera news 2022

Isola dei Famosi 2022 winner on’s editorial board: “Happy to do it, you showed the man behind the actor.” What do you think of a reality show now? “I don’t rule it out.” Finally he admits: “Eduardo gave me lightness. Lori del Santo was the worst.”

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Famous Al Jazeera news 2022

Nicholas Vaporidis He finally arrived in Italy after 100 days of staying in Honduras. back from winner One of the longest editions in historyFamous Island Wearing a “feeling of liberation.” He arrived at’s Romanian editorial office in a T-shirt and sunglasses, before returning to London, where he lives today.

It is simply Nicolas and frankly what distinguishes him admits:I don’t miss anything about the island. I don’t miss the hard moments, but I don’t miss the good ones. I’m glad it’s all over, to be back to normal life, rest, bed, shower, eat. The only thing I did was be with your family. For the rest I saw Eduardo againWe’ve already gone to dinner twice.”

Nicolas, your victory was almost unanimously decreed by the audience. I won with 89% of the votes. Could it be said that you were the perfect outcast?

Eduardo Tavasi: “The truth about my retirement. Mercedes Henger? After Al Jazeera searched for me”

I don’t feel like I was the perfect outcast, in fact, I lived it as a human experience. It’s definitely a show, but I tried to try it as little as possible in prime time on Canale 5. However, I think the victory was pretty overwhelming because I faced Luca, who came later, so maybe the audience was smitten with a little less. I’m sure if I had been in the grand final with Carmen or Eduardo, the gap would have been much smaller.

Did the island turn out to be the experience you expected?

I was expecting it to be easier. I thought it was affordable however it is not. It’s physical survival, you’re basically deprived. You don’t eat, but not the kind that someone far from the cameras would give you. That’s 50 grams of rice a day and that’s like dogs. And then it gets mental, because a lack of sugar has a huge impact on your clarity. I used to think “Come on, what do you want to be?” No… (laughs, editor’s note).

However, it’s not bad because you landed on the island of fasting in reality TV. Do you think you somehow paid the price for not being a TV expert?

It was a confrontation with something completely alien to me, something I would never do, because I thought I wasn’t ready for it, that I wasn’t capable, that I was just out of my mind. Instead, I learned to manage myself as well. I’m glad I did it without having any real experience because I was wrong in good faith and showed the whole man beyond the actor, with all the paranoia I am capable of, the secrecy, the anxiety, of ‘God, what you will’. They say?! “.

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Let’s play a game, but you have to answer me point blank…

Most loyal outcast?


Most wrong outcast?


most attractive?

what do you mean by that? Mentally or physically?

Well, I don’t know, take it as you like.

So I always tell you, Eduardo, his paradoxes are contagious.

What exactly would you do without a review in Italy?

Laurie Del Santo.

It wasn’t really love at first sight between you guys.

of course not. She certainly didn’t play the best role she could have chosen. I credit her with playing a character from start to finish, but I hope she doesn’t in real life. It was always a provocation, a contradiction in everything. I wasn’t expecting such an embarrassing attitude from someone like her and making her so disgusting in relation to the group. I humanly thought it had another kind of thickness. She could have been a very smart woman, but she kept lying knowing she was lying and that’s all I avoid even in real life.

What made your relationship with Eduardo so close and lively?

He and Guendalina possess that Roman lightness that has been missing. We are different, but our opposites attract. We have honesty and self-irony in common. We were real friends. Edoardo gave me lightness. It would have been another island without him.

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He also made people discuss your confrontation with Vladimir Luxoria. There are those who thought that addressing her with the masculine was an excuse…

It was a slip of the tongue, and it wasn’t my intention at all. I didn’t realize I called her “honey”. It was my fault. There is nothing further from me, I apologized to her that same evening in confession. Other than a difference of opinion, I would never allow myself to offend her because of her identity.

More often than not, it seems like a natural transition for reality winners to the role of columnist in the studio. Could this be your case?

I’m not ruling anything out, but I don’t feel like an attitude-level columnist. There are characters who have the ability to intercept what is happening and are able to give a smart and funny opinion at the same time. I don’t know, I don’t think so. But I will calmly evaluate everything that once frightened me to which I would answer “No, I would never do that.” Here, “I would never do that” I don’t say it anymore.

It turns out, paradoxically, that your privacy streak is a winner and leads us to re-evaluate certain TV dynamics. Thus, overexposure is not a basic requirement to “reach” the audience.

It would have been a far-fetched effort for me to tell everything about my private life, because I’ve never done so, let alone a TV enclosure. I tried to drink the information and tell myself, without relying on my past feelings or relationships. These are things I say to my close friends and even there I need time, not to mention the whole of Italy. I don’t find it neat for past stories, let alone the current one. It means to show the beautiful thing and commodify it.

But at some point relaxed. Because? Has talking about your girlfriend become a personal need?

Because on the other hand, it was weird to be so airtight. I thought it was right not to expose the people who make me happy, but not to hide them either. Yes I have a girlfriend, and I also tell you the name. Then enough. There is no need to go into too much detail to display or broadcast. I was betraying a feeling I wanted to protect instead.

You said that fame, at a certain point in your career, brought you a sudden desire to disappear…

I’m not a big fan of the effect cinema has on me. Or the success of my films. I have always been reticent almost to the point of obsession, as if it were a disease and worked hard to try to make peace with these things, not to make myself a fool in the eyes of others, not to make myself one at first sight too timid or rough in “approach”. These things were for me a source of stress, I wasn’t living well, I was sweating. Now my hands are dry (laughs). Now I’ve learned to manage it, I’ve learned to tell myself.

Now that the two of you are out of here to manage your relationship, will you and Ali still be so conservative?

No, we’re going to Temptation Island to be consistent with the idea of ​​not focusing on the lights (joking, editor). I learn to use social media to tell myself, but I always stick to my secret, which is no longer obsessive. However, I don’t think of turning to someone who tells me what to do 24. I don’t think I have such a joyous life to entertain people, show me what I eat for breakfast and announce that I go to sleep in the evening. Sti ca**i.

Well, at least this year, for the first time in nearly 20 years, you escaped final auditions… It took Celebrity Island to save you.

Not much, I spent 100 days in exile in Honduras! Instead, next year, I’m ready to do a three-day live coverage to talk about maturity, but I don’t want to starve anymore.

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