Roma, a meeting between Juventus and Zaniolo’s agent, but negotiations are complicated

Rome – He hasn’t made an official offer to Roma, but Juventus continues to move to reach Niccol Zaniolo. Very cold and complicated negotiations given that Juventus would like to include midfielder Arthur in the negotiations, but he is not among the profiles requested by the Giallorossi club.

Juventus vs Zaniolo

Tonight Juventus sporting director met Claudio VigorelliThe Giallorossi talent agent to explore the subject of his arrival in Turin. It is clear that the speeches between Deis Cherubini and Figorelli are related to a brilliant sale: It is an investment also linked to the exit of Mattjis De Ligt. Once the Dutchman is sold, Juventus will eventually be able to consider dropping the blow to reach Zaniolo who is currently training in Trigoria with the squad. Negotiations are on the high seas right now.

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