“Sexual change also for children and adolescents”: requests from the Council of Europe

There’s a strange order of priorities before European Councilwho, while searching for solutions against drought and trying to limit Vladimir Putin’s work to avoid a world war, and at the same time also facing an economic crisis and an energy crisis, asks sex change also gods the palace. This is the request made with a report in which it was highlighted that removing all obstacles to full legal recognition of a person’s chosen gender is slow and that this possibility should also be available to minors, on the basis of an assessment of their best interest. But that is not all, because the Council of Europe also proposed to abolish the duty to choose between females and males For identification on documents.

The ideological battles In Europe and after the choice of veiled girls as a symbol of European youth, there are also proposals to facilitate gender change in young minors. The document is very detailed in this regard and calls on states to eliminate the need to submit to any The medical treatmentsterilization, including sterilization, before you can change your sex. Transition is a very complex process, which by law must take place under very strict medical and psychological control, which can be reached only after making sure that this is what a person really wants. These are merely medical and psychological assessments that cannot be mitigated with respect to the individual’s own health.

Moreover, the report of the Council of Europe, on the one hand, confirms the commitment of countries on the issue of Legal recognition Like this, even if there are still countries where this has not happened, or there have been some setbacks. In particular, the document shows that 39 member states of the Council of Europe, including Italia, has legal or administrative measures that guarantee legal gender change, while 7 other countries, Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Principality of Monaco, North Macedonia and San Marino, do not. In Italy, as in 27 other states, a person must undergo Psychological examinationThe report notes that our country is also among 24 states that require those who change their gender to medical intervention, despite the document showing that in 2015 both the Court of Cassation and the Constitutional Court expressed a dissenting opinion. Our state is also among 17 countries that allow minors to change their gender, albeit with restrictions, while Malta and Luxembourg have no age limits.

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