Silvagia Lucarelli in controversy with Fidez. Likewise with the Psalm

full confrontation. rapper first psalmand then videos And the Virigny. The three are still in sight Wild Lucarelli. The journalist turns to Fides, accusing him of taking advantage of fast-growing personalities to gain more followers. He would also do it at the concert in Piazza Duomo in Milan love. security guard Ivano Monzani He was famous for his facial expressions recorded by the cameras broadcasting the concert live on Italia 1, and that way, even if he didn’t want to, he turned into a character. And the videos Post a video with him on social media. A move that seems to have been unwelcome before Lucarelli Who is posting a picture? videos And Ivano with very strong words: But now I have a dread of this person, everyone who spreads my virus should turn it into their content“. Cash Wild Lucarelliwho lacks nothing, has left.

Vides after the operation

videz answer

And the videos to reply: “long last Lucarelli You’ve got the attention you want. bad answer. You can celebrate the big day. You have at least a month of content to play now, enjoy. Then the artist explained what happened the night before: Yesterday I saw someone I’ve known for years became a live meme and I made a ten second video. so what? I’m a monster? But even if you do the same. You do worse, you do worse“.

like him videos After two historical moments in them too Lucarelli You will take advantage of people to gain popularity. For example .’s own still video Belen Rodriguezpointing to: Oh no, you don’t loot, no no nohe wrote videos Accompanying the 2016 photo shoot. Since you’ve been pestering me and my family for years, and now that my wife isn’t here to please me, I can go on indefinitely. You and I do not differ from your opinion. Don’t think you are better than me. Perhaps you forgot when you offended a newborn, son Pelin, saying he was ugly. Or when you say I’m bad when I talk about my psychiatrist, to help myself and try to help others. Forgot you got paid to do a podcast to talk about your toxic relationship“.

Tawba Fidez

But after the outburst comes repentance videos: “I’m disappointed in myself now. After what happened to me, I promised myself to make the time life gave me and this instead is a terrible waste of time.” The response comes from the new vids after the illness. The discovery that he had pancreatic cancer and then an emergency operation brought the singer back to his priorities, he said several times. “So guys, some advice, don’t waste time chasing after useless people. Don’t do the same thing I did.”

clash with salmo

It all started with a rapper in mind psalm In my last year of successes and controversies: “It was the hardest year of my life. Offensive concert, album, acting in TV series, directing soundtrack, making new album, setting up San Siro livestream,” Psalm wrote before a user asked him about the party abusive. “Ask Selvaggia Sucarelli,” was the artist’s response, who deliberately spoiled the journalist’s nickname to provoke a reaction that arrived, in fact, soon after.

the & nbsp;  Rapper Salmo

Rapper Salmo

“I don’t know psalmWell, I think it’s good. A year ago, you allowed me to say that his concert in Olbia without permission, a pandemic that continues to cause many casualties, was a mistake,” he wrote. Lucarelli Referring to the time when, in 2021, Salmo organized a concert in Olbia to help the Sardinians. “He never responded on the merits – the journalist posted on social media – but even after some time the lousy sex joke cripple my family name because the average hater couldn’t keep it. Thousands of likes followed and ‘Ahaha’ kept going like this. Maybe in two thousand years, males will be able to answer a woman by looking at their dick. Maybe.” This message was followed by another reply from before psalm: “Don’t cry Selvaggia. They paralyzed my last name a thousand times. Please, get rid of this sexism that has nothing to do with it. Opinion on Instagram is over now. Maybe,” he concluded before Lucarelli He filmed the conversation and shared it on his profile also on Instagram. “No one grumbles here, my mail friend Lucarelli – You want. Instead, the world has moved, think a little, and if a woman cripples her surname in Sucarelli or sends her a pea (unsolicited) in the chat as usual, she does not cry: she spits you. learns. Welcome”.

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