SNAM, the national gas pipeline company, has purchased a gas-to-gas regasification device

SNAM (National Gas Pipelines Company) has purchased a second regasification vessel that should partly free Italy from its dependence on Russian gas. The vessel is called BW Singapore and joins Golar Tundra, which was bought by SNAM in June for €330 million. Like the Golar Tundra, BW Singapore is also a FSRU (Floating Storage and Gas-to-Gas Regasification Unit), a vessel that can be used as an LNG carrier used in the transportation of LNG and as a gas-to-gas regasification plant placed at a port for the LNG in case Invasive.

BW Singapore, SNAM, announced that it was built in 2015 and has a “maximum storage capacity of approximately 170,000 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and a nominal continuous reconversion capacity of approximately 5 billion cubic meters annually.”

SNAM added that the ship paid “about $400 million to be paid in two installments” and that starting from the third quarter of 2024 “the ship will be in the high Adriatic Sea near the coast of Ravenna.”

According to Stefano Venier, CEO of SNAM, BW Singapore and Golar Tundra regasification devices will together contribute “13 percent of national gas requirements, raising gas-to-gas regasification capacity to more than 30 percent of demand”.

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