“Someone wants to try to divide the team, but we are united”

Monegasque of Ferrari denies discontent over Silverstone’s choices, Spaniard launches challenge in light of Austria

Formula 1 stops in Austria, but at home Ferrari There is no escape from going back to what happened at Silverstone. Charles Leclerc The controversy subsides: “Someone wants to separate us, but we are united: regret is normal because there was the possibility of scoring two goals.” Carlos Sainzthe England winner, also dreams big at Spielberg: “What a thrill Maranello’s welcome after the success, it makes me even more hungry to try again.”

The eleventh round of the Formula 1 World Championship takes place on Sunday 10 July, and the Austrian Grand Prix will be held in Spielberg, on a track where Ferrari did not have a great feeling, having collected “only” five victories. The last one dates back nearly 20 years and is dated May 18, 2003, conquered by Michael Schumacher. Now, for the Prancing Horse, it’s time to reverse course: not only in terms of the historical traditions of this track, but also in terms of the drivers’ and constructors’ standings for this year 2022.

Charles Leclerc knows this well and wants to do everything to try to significantly reduce the gap in the drivers’ standings (43 points) with the current leader, Max Verstappen. However, it is inevitable to return to what happened at Silverstone, after the team selections that led to the controversy. There was even talk of a “rebellion” within the running horse, with some staff not even celebrating the victory. Soon the voices were quenched by Monaco: “Reading these things is shameful, someone wants to divide us: but we are a united team. Everyone was happy for Sains, and part of the team had to get on the plane: whoever stayed for the pictures was lost.” With the controversy over, it’s time to take a look at Spielberg: “We want to win, I feel the support of the team. For me, things didn’t go right due to a series of circumstances. But with the ‘if’ everyone is first in the standings. Now we need a lot more of clean weekends, with no other problems.”

In all this, his colleague, Carlo Sainz, does not want to miss the opportunity to arrange insane consecutive appearances. “I am unable to describe what is going through my head after winning at Silverstone,” the Spaniard says. “A victory that left me hungry to try again. The welcome at Maranello was great and I was with some friends: it was good. Now here in Austria we have a weekend with the Sprint race: it will be very interesting.” On the controversy that arose between Leclerc and the wild horse wall on the UK circuit, Sainz believes that “in the end, Ferrari won. I think it was the right decision not to walk away when restarting. It was decided to secure the team victory. When I was in this situation, I knew exactly what I have to do it and I think the team has understood.”

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