Thalita do Vale, ‘model sniper’ dies in Ukraine-

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She was 39, and she was in a basement escaping the bombing of Kharkiv when she died of suffocation. He also fought in Iraq against ISIS

Thaleta do Valley She was 39 years old and died in Burning shelter in Kharkiv while trying to escape from the bombing. The former Brazilian model had decided to go to ACFighting alongside the Ukrainian army with his brother. He was the one who broke the news, according to what I reported daily Mail: it was there Russian attacks Our battalion was divided. Thalita takes refuge in the bunkerAnd the He passed away on June 30th She indicated that she was injured by shrapnel as a result of suffocation.

Do vale, after that I studied lawI’ve worked with different charities since then Fighting in Iraq with Kurdish Peshmerga forces against ISIS. On that occasion he had receivedTraining as a sniper. She had arrived in Ukraine three weeks before his death and had begun documenting her mission tik tok. These clips are all that’s left of her.

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