The absurd secret of Maria de Filippi revealed

In a recent interview, former men’s and women’s jockey Giorgio Manetti is back to talk about his former flame Gemma, revealing..

Recently Giorgio Manetti, former men’s and women’s knightgave an interview to New TV Weekly, where he came back to talk about his former flames Gemma Galgani. The two met on the dating show Canale Cinque and fell in love there. They had an intense love affair that lasted some time between their ups and downs, but eventually ended. Then Gemma returned to the program to find the right person to share her life with. While Giorgio kept a low profile, he had other affairs, but now, apparently, is single. But what did he reveal about Gemma and Maria de Filippi?

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Men and women, Giorgio Manetti reveals the secret of Maria de Filippi

During the weekly interview with Nuovo TV, former jockey for men and women she has in the beginning hung The possibility of a new surgery for the Lady of the Throne, rumors that have been circulating in recent weeks:

They are personal choices. Everyone uses the body as they see fit. I am not against small modifications but I do agree with major interventions. I don’t comment because I will risk falling into the trash. Gemma’s choices don’t interest me.

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And then it was unveiled The reason for Gemma Galgani He will never leave the men and women program. This is what he said:

Gemma will never leave men and women: it suits Maria to stay there and play her show.

In fact, there have been rumors for a long time about a so-called goodbye For the lady on the dating show Canale Cinque. Farewell No confirmation or denial has been found at the moment. But this had even more resonance when a mindless trading began that would see Our Lady of the Throne with Giorgio Manetti participating in the next edition of Gf Vip.

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