The Africa Twin 500 is located and manufactured in China. The vision is true – news

Aesthetically inspired by the Honda Africa Twin 1000, the Dahaidao 500 Adventure produced by Hengjian features a twin-cylinder engine, twin tanks, 1,000 km of autonomy, 21 and 18-inch wheels, adjustable suspension and complete equipment.

6 July 2022

Fifth.And we gave a preview of it over a year ago, when Chinese Hengjian introduced Dehaidau 500 In the Travel Edition I provided some data for the Adventure model. Now the latter has arrived on sale in China and has brought some novelties with it.

We’re telling you this because more than one clone is an adventure as there are now many of them built in China, but in this case it’s place More off-road than usual And its construction is by no means of poor quality from what you can tell from the pictures.

And the‘Supplied by Chongqing Hengjian Motorcycle Manufacturing that has been sold out Hengjian 500XA copy of Honda CB500X Since there is a lot there.

TheOr the pattern takes lines Africa Twin 1000As well as drawing many minor details.
It has a steel frame and aluminum alloy swingarm, long travel suspension modifiable And at the rear, the monoblock has a Pro Link type progressive transmission.
Wheels with spokes, identical in design to those of other models already sold in Europe with prestigious brands, from 21 inch front and 18 inch rearrubberized 90/90-21 and 150/70-18.

especially double tankclassic 20 liter plus one under the seat 16 liter: with 36 liters Autonomy is close to 1000 km.

c.I ABS – passive – two channel, with J.Juan brakes and radial front pump, headlights full valveRear steering wheel controls, front aerodynamics modifiable In height and front camera, hardware TFT touch screen 6.5 inch with dual screen, as in real Africa Twin, aluminum foot switches, dual kickstand, and swamp guard Aluminum and tubular protection for tank and engine.

sThe last thing he has is a classic loncin 471 cc, the in-line twin which is an optical version of the Honda CB500 Series engine; Provides a maximum power of 35 kW (approx. 48 hp) and a maximum torque of 43 Nm.
Declared tare weight for 198 kg It is not contained, but is inferior to several Chinese models of the same cube.

Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin

Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin

number.There are no indications that this model has been exported to Europebut we wouldn’t be surprised to see it arrive perhaps with another brand.
Who also has a price that does not reach the equivalent of 4000 euros at home.

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