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16.09: That’s it for today, thanks for joining us and good evening!

16.08: With this win, the Azzurri maintain first place in the standings and tomorrow they will face Serbia at 8 pm again in Gdansk

16.07: At home in Italy, Zaitsev 17 points, Galassi 13, Lavia and Micheletto 11, and Lanzani 10. At home, Iran has 16 points for Abdipur and 23 for Amin

16.06: Well, Giannelli and Micheletto are the central players of the Blues. On the other hand, a great match for Ebadipour, a new acquisition from Milan and, at times, also from the opposite Amine.

04.16: Good Italy, a little distracted at some moments, beat Iran 3-1 at the end of a good match. Today’s news is the return of Ivan Zaitsev after 11 months who was the Azzurri’s top scorer, with growing testing.


24-23 Amin again cancels the match ball

24-22 Amin closes it from the second line

24-21 Abadipur again with the free ball

24-20 winning touch for Ebadipour from Zone 4

24-19 Error serving Iran

23-19 Mihrab Wall

23-18 Muroooooooooooooooooo Anzaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

22-18 Zaytsev’s hand from the second line

21-18 Ice Esfandiar

21-17 Vincent Esfandiar from Zone 2

16-21 Muroooooooooooooooooooooo Anzaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

16-20 Murooooooooooooooooo Giannelliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

19-16 Aceeeeeeeeeeeeeee Galassiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

18-16 outside Amin from Zone 2

17-16 Italian Service Error

17-15 Micheltoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow! Winner of Region 4 to finish a daring act!

16-15 second intention by Giannelli

15-15 parallel victories of Amin

15-14 error Zaytsev

15-13 Invasion of Italy

15-12 First Half Glassy

14-12 Secretary of the second winning streak

14-11 Qatari win Botolo from Zone 4

13-11 again ace Amin

13-10 Ice Amen

9-13 Botolo is still out of Zone 4

13-8 Bravo Zaitsev in Backlash from Zone 4

8-12 Italian Service Error

12-7 Aceeeeeeeeeeeeeee Giannelliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

7-11 Error serving Iran

7-10 Vincent Esfandiar from Zone 2

10-6 Error serving Iran

9-6 strong Amin parallel from the second line

9-5 sitting my first time!

8-5 Murooooooooooo Giannilliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

7-5 Out Bottolo from Zone 4

7-4 Muroooooooooooooo Giannelliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

6-4 Aceeeeeeeeeeeeee Zaytseeeeeeeeeeeeeeev

5-4 Michelto tube

4-4 diagonal amine from the second line

3-4 The narrow diameter of Zaitsev from zone 2

3-3 Lube Zaytsev from the 2 . region

2-3 diagonal Abadipur from zone 4

2-2 Abadipur attack on the net without returning

1-2 Ebadipour delivery from Zone 4


24-23 First Half Glassy

23-23 win in parallel with Esfandiar

23-22 First Half Glassy

22-22 Italian Service Error

22-21 Error serving Iran

21-21 Ace Abadipur, decisive

21-20 Amin Wall on Lafia

21-19 Abadipur wins Qatar from Zone 2

21-18 Invasion of Iran

20-18 parallel secretary of the second line

20-17 parallel to Zaytsev is very strong from the second line

19-17 Abadipur’s hand to close a complex business

19-16 Error in Iran’s service

18-16 Zaytsev error from the 2 . zone

18-15 first half of Jalassi

17-15 first half Hamz

17-14 Murooooooooooooooooo Galassiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

16-14 Manu outside Lafia from Zone 4

15-14 outside Lafia from Zone 4

15-13 Italian Service Error

15-12 Murooooooooooooooo Zaytseeeeeeeeeeeeev

12-14 Invasion of Iran

13-12 A safe wall on Lafia

13-11 Edadipour delivery from Zone 2

13-10 first half Anzani!

12-10 Murooooooooooooooo Zaytseeeeeeeeeeev

11-10 Free Ball Lafia

10-10 Michelto pipe without a wall, the great Gianelli

9-10 Anzani hand in the first half

8-10 The narrow diameter of Abdipur. It’s against Italy, it should be limited in some way

8-9 Aceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Giannelliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

7-9 was distributed in the first half by Anzani

6-9 Winning Abadipur Touch from Zone 4

6-8 Amin second line error

5-8 Iran Service Error

4-8 Sharifi delivery from Zone 4

4-7 Iran Service Error

3-7 Italian service error

3-6 Zaytsev diagonal from zone 2

2-6 win Qatar Amin

2-5 Lafia winning touch from Zone 4

1-5 Hand over Abadipur from Zone 2 what an Iranian game

1-4 Murooooooooooooooo Giannelliiiiiiiiiiiiiii

0-4 Abadipur again, Italy lost its effectiveness in the attack

0-3 Vincente Ibadipur from District 4

25-27 Sharifi’s hand outside Zone 2 and Iran tied the score. They grew up in reception, and the Iranians who managed to achieve equality were the least mistaken in the service

25-26 Iranian wall closes great job with great defenses on both sides

25-25 Error serving Iran

24-25 Italian Service Error

24-24 Aceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Bottoloooooooooooooooooooooooo

23-24 Janelli free ball

22-24 Zaytsev paralleled from the second line

21-24 Bottolo Fault from Zone 4

21-23 again Ace Abadipur

21-22 Ace Abadipur

21-21 Manu drives Amin out of Zone 2

21-20 Italian service error

21-19 Qatari Lafia wins from Zone 4

20-19 Vincente Amin from the second line

20-18 A very strong first half for Anzani

19-18 Abadipore’s winning touch from Zone 4

19-17 Zaytsev’s winning touch from Zone 2

18-17 Error in the service of Iran

17-17 Italian Service Error

17-16 Michelto wins without a wall from Zone 4

16-16 Deliver Amin from Zone 2

16-15 Zaytsev’s hand from the second line

15-15 saliva saliva

15-14 first half Tukhteh

15-13 outside Sharifi from Zone 4

14-13 Error serving Iran

13-13 Italian Service Error

13-12 Lube Lavia from Zone 3

12-12 First Half Glassy

11-12 3rd Ubadipur victory of District 4

11-11 Abadipur again from Zone 4 at the hands of the wall

11-10 Manu outside Abadipur from Zone 4

11-9 Fadi win touch

11-8 Michelto tube

8-10 honest hands of the second row

10-7 tube Lavia winner

9-7 outside the tube Lavia

9-6 Vincent Shariffy from Zone 4

9-5 win with Michieletto’s touch from Zone 4

8-5 first half Anzani

7-5 Galassi Service Error

7-4 Vincent Galassi

6-4 Italian service error

6-3 Shreve Loeb to the outside

5-3 the first time behind Al Jalassi

3-4 A safe hand from Zone 2

4-2 The Iranian wall on Janeli Amin

4-1 left in a bold way puts the first half sitting on the ground

3-1 Vincenti Zaitsev in District Two

2-1 Italian service error

2-0 Anzani superb defense over Amin and win in the first half of Jalassi

1-0 Zaitsev’s hand comes out of Zone 2

25-16 parallel Lafia win from Zone 4, Italy dominate Group A

24-16 first half smeared it

24-15 Vincent Zaitsev

22-15 diagonal Zaytsev from Zone 2. The first point in the attack by the opposite blue

21-15 first half Anzani

20-15 Vincent Amin diagonally from the second line

14-20 Error serving Iran

19-14 Sur Abadipur

19-13 Italian Service Error

19-12 Aceeeeeeeeeeeee Galassiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

18-12 Error serving Iran

17-12 Italian Service Error

11-17 Error serving Iran

16-11 Italian Service Error

16-10 Magia di Lavia, in precarious conditions, delivered from Zone 4

15-10 incredible defenses by the Azuri and then Zaytsev puts a tricky attack on the net

9-15 Invasion of Iran

9-14 Lafia win Qatar from Zone 4

9-13 Ace Abadipur

13-8 Lavia lobe left out

13-7 Amin win from the fourth region

13-6 Manu outside Micheletto in the pipe

12-6 winner Michelito without a wall from Zone 2

11-6 Manu Ibadpur from Zone 4

11-5 Aceeeeeeeeeeeeee Giannelliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

10-5 Murooooooooooooo Zaytseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev

9-5 Iran Service Error

8-5 Vincente Ibadipur from Zone 4

8-4 Parallel to Michelito’s textbook from Zone 4

7-4 Micheletto with the height of Zaytsev, above the wall from the 4 . area

6-4 honest error from the second line

5-4 Error serving Iran

4-4 diagonal strong amine from the second line

4-3 Manu tube Lavia

3-3 First Half Glassy!

2-3 Michelto tubes

1-3 Italy service error

1-2 error serving Iran

0-2 Ice sister

0-1 Abadipur pipe

14.00: For Iran Jelfa, Esfandiar, Wadi, Amin, Milad and Takhta

13.59: Zaytsev is the owner!

13.56: Tuesday’s companions Giannelli in directed opposite Romano, teams Micheletto, Lavia, Central Anzani and Rosso with Palasso in a free role. Let’s see if De Giorgi confirms the hexagram

13.53: At Azzurri Stadium, everything is going according to plan and the match against the Asian team could be the occasion for the return of Ivan Zaytsev to the stadium, who on Tuesday remained on the bench for the match against Bulgaria.

13.49: The Iranian national team comes from a thrilling tie-breaking win against the world champions and hosts Poland and certainly won’t want to stop: Esfandiar and Amin Al Rifles try to limit to avoid trouble.

13.46: The team will take a seed of salt, the Iranian team, first and foremost because it is in a full fight to seize one of the passes of Bologna. The reasons will certainly not be lacking in the Asian team coached by Behnuz Atay Nouri, who is slowly facing a change of generations but still relies on his old acquaintances from the Italian championship.

13.43: A match that the Blues can face relatively calmly because they are already qualified for the quarter-finals (even if they are first in the standings and want to keep it until the end) but this is of great importance for Iran, who are currently in eighth place and should try to defend it from Serbia’s attack

13.40: Good morning OA Sport friends and welcome to the live broadcast of the third final challenge of the Azzurri in the preliminary stage of the Men’s Volleyball Nations League 2022: against Gdansk Italy and Iran

Schedule, programme, TV and live broadcast of the Italian and Iranian Nations Leagues – Presentation of the Azzurri matches in Gdansk – Calendar of the last week of the Men’s Nations League competitions – Chronicle of Italy and Bulgaria

Hello and welcome to the live broadcast of the third and final match of the Blues in the preliminary stage of the Volleyball Nations Men’s League 2022: against Gdansk, Italy and Iran. The match that the Azzurri could face relatively calmly because they are already qualified for the quarter-finals (even if they take first place in the standings and will keep us going until the end) but that’s rIt is of great importance to Iran, which is currently in eighth place, and you should try to defend it from the onslaught of Serbia. Who will be the next opponent of Fifi de Giorgi?

The team will take a seed of salt, the Iranian team, first and foremost as they are in a full-fledged battle to seize one of the Bologna fairways. The reasons will certainly not be lacking in the Asian team, which is coached by Behnuz Attay Nouri Which is slowly facing generational change but still depends on the old knowledge of the Italian league. The Iranian national team comes from a delightful draw that breaks the victory over the world champion and hosts Poland and will definitely not want to stop: Esfandiar and Amin tried to limit the gun to avoid problems.

Inside, everything is going according to plan and the match against the Asian team It might be fitting for the return of Ivan Zitsev, who was on the bench on Tuesday for a match against Bulgaria. Who saw the starting owners Giannelli as a director, opposite Romano, and the teams Micheletto, Lavia, Central Anzani and Rosso with Palasso in a free role.

OA Sport brings you a live broadcast of the last third challenge of the Azzurri in the preliminary stage of the 2022 Men’s Volleyball Nations League: against Gdansk, Italy and Iran, Real-time news, minute by minute, so you don’t really miss anything, It starts at 2.00 pm!


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