The Chinatown Popular Gym brings sports to the streets as an antidote to evacuation

Thus begins the note from Chinatown People’s Gym in light of the launch of the public initiative scheduled for Saturday, July 9: “Four years ago the gates of the abandoned INPS warehouse were opened. For four years, a famous gym has lived within the walls of that warehouse, which has guaranteed hundreds of people sport and activity. “Now the INPS has decided to auction dozens of buildings in the Palestro District, threatening to evict Chinatown as well.”


On the one hand, a summary of what was there and on the other hand the concern about what no longer exists. That is why, according to space managers, it is necessary to return to the midst of people, in the neighborhood and beyond, to defend the idea of ​​​​sports for all. Exercise not only with words of course. “We also want to respond to this threat with the activities we have been doing for years in our neighborhood, between our buildings, and among our people, because we believe that the real weapon of eviction in the end is the solidarity of the people who lived and lived the gym daily.”


“For this – call the Chinatown Popular Gym – Saturday 9 July we will be in Piazza Caduti della Resistenza with a day of popular sports and socializing. Today’s program, from 17.00 to 19.30, includes open training for all disciplines proposed by the gym with the musical accompaniment of DJ Niki Irie. Then from 19.30 to 22.00 a buffet and music ». It is the first of the initiatives aimed at not losing the human heritage that has been built over the years, and to give the opportunity to exercise even to those who cannot afford it or who cannot afford it, as in the case of some minors charged with exercising. Who found an unexpected opportunity in exercise.

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