The Devil’s Psalm was unleashed on its first appearance at San Siro. He makes up with Fedez with a bottle on his head

psalm shirtless, attractive, charismatic with great energy on stage, winking, smiling, dribbling on stage, reading his message”to GOD” dressed as a priest ah He did not escape his warm audience (Average age 30 years), Extremely frenzied jumped up, caressed in the middle of San Siro with the artist’s “blessing” and sang at the top of his voice in every song. It is the same audience who often interrupted him with applause, leaving the artist dubious and happy. In the VIP area there was also Fedez with his new friend Ruvazi who also exchanged A tender kiss on the cheek on social media. “Do you remember that battle with Fidez? – said Salmo, introducing his colleague – it is a game, We don’t want each other so badly, In fact we were arrested and we made peace. Suppose we became friends.” The reference was to the controversy that erupted last August over Salmo’s unauthorized concert in Olbia. Fiddes sharply criticized his colleague. Gag on stage with Fides toasting happiness, pretending to break a bottle on the head of the artist who joked: “ Tonight presents Videz, Raja.”

The psalmist wanted to give himself to himself A great appearance at the San Siro stadium with 50 thousand matches, As stated in an official press office note, it has already been postponed due to the pandemic. Beautiful show to watch, full-bodied and rich with 21 tracks in the lineup Regardless, a surprise DJ set before Bis was entered with guests, friends and colleagues Blanco, Ency, Guy, Laza, Noyes Narcos, Damianetto, and DJ Triblo. Fire, red, skulls and skeletons, cemeteries, blood, horror houses, Formula 1, traffic lights are the symbolic elements of Salmo’s “Extreme Concert” who wanted a scenography that welcomed all present themes from his records such as “Hellvisback” and “Flop”. Between sacred and profane, unorthodox, provocative, without filters, he alone knows how to be. For better or for worse. The reporter knows something about that Wild Lucarelli, The protagonist in the past few hours of a question and answer with the artist, after he appealed to her with the sexual term “Sucarelli” on social networking sites.

In the middle of the party? – During the break. It appeared to be clean. In fact, the actor was hiding under the mask Joseph Fanny (Seen in “Mondocane”, “Where Shadows Fall”, “Nothing Serious” and “Meraviglioso Boccaccio”) which he hosted with a monologue taken from “Vivo”, found on the album “Flop”. “Success makes no noise – He reads a line of text – Qu is just elevator music. Er noise makes him fall, my brother, like a comet in a cup toilet. No tsunami. No explosions, explosions, emotions, nothing. Just a simple, simple vocal fainting: Flop.”

Among the special effects with musicians there was mask “Hellvisback”, Moved on stage manually by four people – with a series of stunning effects including heaters, lights and flames – which, once viewed from the battery-powered platform when rotated 180 degrees, turned out to be the Cadillac Fleetwood model used in the vinyl “Flop” cover. With Salmo, he played with the band Le Carie, composed by Daniel Mongay aka Frenetik (guitarist), Jacopo Volpe (drummer), Marco Azara (guitarist), Riccardo Puddu aka Verano, Davide Pavanello known as Also as Dade (guitarist). Salmo will come back to life in the fall with the Flop Tour, which will stop at 12 Italian palaces: starting November 17 at the Mandela Forum in Florence. The San Siro concert was filmed entirely by cameras and it is not excluded that it may be broadcast on some digital platforms or public television.

party ladder – Introduction 1. 90 minutes 2. Mic Taser 3. Shut up 4. Unpleasant 5. Papparapà 6. Daytona 7. Criminal 8. Rich and Dead 9. Judas 10. Forgive me 11. Dawn* (monologue with Josaft Vagni reciting the track “Vivo” in Flop) 12. Flop 13. PXM 14. To God 15. Yoko Ono 16. First Time 17. Russell Crowe 18. Disobey 19. PSALM * DjSet (Woaw Treeplo, Mic Check feat. Noyz, YhwH feat. Guè, Marylean feat Nitro, Ex feat. Ensi, I’m afraid to go out 1, I’m afraid to go out 2. Lazza, Aldo Ritmo, Kumitè, Our song feat. Blanco) BIS 20. 1984 21. Sky in the Room

(Photo by Emanuela Giorano)

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