The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, review

The Elder Scrolls Online has been updated with High Isle DLC, and here is our review of the expansion dedicated to the Breton Islands.

We’re sure it might be the same for some of you, but now that it’s almost 11 years since the last original chapter of The Elder Scrolls saga, we have to admit that being in the fantasy world built by Bethesda Softworks with its open-world RPG is sorely lacking. Terrible and even more if we consider the fact that it is still too early to receive some information about the sixth chapter of the series. The company actually focuses all of its resources and energies on Starfield, and since Bethesda’s role-playing games aren’t exactly easy to develop, there’s a serious risk of returning to Tamriel only at the end of this decade.

Although there are fundamental differences between the two titles, what many don’t realize is that the legacy of the saga is already carried with great pride by The Elder Scrolls Online, an MMO now in its eighth year of activity. It has gradually expanded to offer now almost fully exploreable Tamriel, from the granite spiers of the Imperial City to the snow-capped peaks of Skyrim, from the jungles of Somerset Island to the volcanic cliffs of Vardenville.

After two DLCs that led ZeniMax Online Studios’ MMO adventurers to battle the powerful daedra in the Oblivion planes, the game is now preparing to welcome a new expansion with a completely different flavor, set on the beautiful island of Breton. High Isle boasts gorgeous Mediterranean scenery and luxurious castles.

There is an atmosphere of holidays, like a tour guide with an umbrella The Elder Scrolls: High Isle Review It will take you to discover all the beauty of the island, and also tell you about the upcoming news with the expansion. Did you put sunscreen under the shield?

What can you expect from Breton, if not from politics?

Hi Isle in all its colors

The expansion will not only focus its scope of activity within the confines of the High Isle, but will instead allow you to explore most of the Systres archipelago, a commercial reference point for the sea routes that circumnavigate the continent. The strategic location of the Breton ports, but more so their total neutrality in the War of the Three Flags, makes the archipelago the perfect setting for the intricate interweaving of the politics of the Three Alliances, in which we will find ourselves immersed in the first pubs of the main plot. Forget the epic latest expansion, in Date From The Elder Scrolls: High Isle we will be thrown into a complex political thriller whose opponents do not threaten the survival of Tamriel, but only the fate of High Isle and its sister island of Aminos, a prison colony covered in thick forest and inhabited by all kinds of criminals.

Thus, the tone of the adventure is more relaxed than in other DLCs, even if we realize after a few hours of playing that our intervention will still have an effect on the fates of the continent’s inhabitants. The eminent nobles of Gonfalon Bay lost one small fleet of ships Which carried a very precious cargo and, as expected, we will have to highlight the mysterious disappearance, where we will have to properly deal with a large group of distinct secondary characters. The plot is very interesting, and although it proceeds without certain twists and in a very linear way, in our opinion it can be appreciated by that part of the community looking for an indulgent single-player narrative experience. Veterans have never been completely overjoyed with the attention recent expansions have devoted to the group of casual users and novices (who without initiating TESO can enjoy the expansion just as much as the others), and in that sense they can instead poorly accommodate another expansion that doesn’t bring certain novelties to the gameplay (such as chapters or new skills) to focus on the narrative.

And for veterans?

Knight of the ascending order, the anti-DLC faction

Knight of the ascending order, the anti-DLC faction

As expected, The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle doesn’t want to leave anyone speechless in any way, therefore, in addition to the new 12-player beta, we’ve reported that there Two new friendsand Ember and Isobel, which can be found on the game’s map among dozens and dozens of other secondary missions scattered on it. The first is a cunning Khajit witch who can’t resist the temptation to empty some pockets, while the second is a local Breton nobleman who has embraced the title of chivalry to fight all kinds of noble causes. The New Buddies undoubtedly represent one of the expansion’s most interesting novelties, not only because they have personalities in opposites, but also for the obvious care the team put into their awareness, so much so that Isobel’s dubbing is creditable to Laura Bailey who won the Game Awards before A few years with a prize for the memorable interpretation of my father in the second part of The Last of Us.

As for the endgame, the new activity that debuted with High Isle is the Dreadsail Rift, a classic 12 players for trial She will be able to reward the most skilled adventurers of The Elder Scrolls Online with four new sets of unique equipment. The experience focuses on the theme of hacking, and features 3 main bosses and 2 small bosses, all of whom have very complex mechanics that require a good dose of cooperation among all the participants. Some of the bosses are separated from areas full of environmental hazards, so if completing a Dreadsail Rift on a normal level might not be complicated, have a team of pros on hand if you have the ambition to complete bosses on a challenging level.

Blackjack to save the world

This is what the Tales of Tribute table looks like

This is what the Tales of Tribute table looks like

Among the many contents of The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, new content takes the leading role in our opinion card game that the developers provided with this expansion, known as Tales of Tribute. Naturally, for a part of society, the introduction of a novelty of this kind should be a supplement to the arrival of great innovations on the gaming front, but after a few hours spent at the playing tables against human and AI opponents, we fell insane. In love with this card game, so much that we can identify ourselves as the first supporters of a possible landing in an independent mode.

If you haven’t heard of Tales of Tribute before, you’ll be glad to know that just as Gwent was in the saga of The Witcher, The Elder Scrolls now has its own card game too. This content is accessed by visiting games room From Gonfalon, and from there you learn the basics of a different card game where the most brutal creatures are not fought to the death, but real stories are told through deck cards that, at least in the beginning, you can’t even own. In fact, you start with some basic cards that can give money, useful for purchase during your turn, one of the five cards that are always in the center of the table, which are given by a dummy pub keeper to both players.

Honor tales

Honor tales

The accumulated and unspent money is lost at the end of the turn, but all the cards obtained go to your hand and return to the deck after being used. These two other Tales of Tribute currencies are Prestige and Power. The first is the result of the match, You earn when you reach 40 Prestige, while the second allows you to turn down an opponent’s cards during play and turn into Power at the end of the turn. The fact of being able to build a deck of cards in constant rotation during the game, while competing with the opponent for the best cards in the center of the table, makes Tales of Tribute a card game capable of providing players always with different situations, and in ours. Case it was really hard to get off the table to go and revive High Ale’s fortunes.


The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle continues on the same streak as previous expansions, delivering content designed to appeal to that casual group of users who definitely appreciate a great main quest line seasoned with many side quests. On the other hand, veterans of Bethesda’s MMO may suffer from the lack of good news on the game front, even if the new experience seems interesting and well-organized. On the other hand, Tales of Tribute has managed to beat us along the streak and will surely be able to represent a new hobby between one adventure and the next. Try it, you won’t regret.


  • A different story than usual
  • The new experience contains many unique mechanics
  • Honorable tales are a very precious novelty


  • A little gaming news
  • The story doesn’t shine in terms of speed
  • Veterans may struggle with the lack of content designed for them

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