The electric car that worries Smart

The new Chinese miniature supercar that could soon arrive in Europe, which also has many interesting newer generation technologies, certainly has an affordable price. Let’s find out if it is really worth the money.

When we find a product At a very low and low price To beat any kind of competition in the bud, we immediately began to suspect something was wrong: There’s a reason cars cost more and more year after year and the main reason is that safety systems are getting better, forcing auto manufacturers to spend more money per sample built to install. All new technological breakthroughs.

Can we trust them? (Asian Nikkei)

It is not surprising that many cars come from Asia at competitive prices, especially from China Cannot be sold in Europe Precisely because it does not meet Western minimum safety standards. But be careful making a bundle of all the grass: we also have excellent examples of houses like Geely or Ora who have been able to import their products here too without too many problems.

The Chinese House of Great Tradition is the Consortium BAIC, the giant of the Chinese auto world Active since 1953 and capable of matching every class of vehicle, from the small electric vehicle to the Chinese Army’s BJ2020 off-road vehicle. The majority of cars are produced by a subsidiary of the Baw brand, which has just presented an interesting project for the near future.

Born to celebrate

Originally planned As a new offering in the market Autos for the BAIC Collection, BAW Yuanbao – the name that honors historical coins used in the Imperial Chinese period – is finally in the making on the Chinese market this year. Its listing may have been sped up to coincide with the house’s 71st birthday. Best wishes!

Yuanbao Cars 06_05_2022 Quattromania
BAW Yuanbao (CarScoops)

Small and brand-new Yuanbao is one of the most interesting products that entered the Chinese market this year: at a price 4900 euros only – Taking into account the conversion with Chinese yen – this very nice looking square car is in all respects a very economical alternative to the electric Smart car that costs just over 20,000 euros in Italy with some incentives in mind. Yuanbao should beat his main rival in autonomy: 170 kilometers to 135, at least on paper.

The car has all the technologies found in Baw, Including indoor screen With it, the driver can organize and monitor every function of the car. All this is only three meters long. The question we ask ourselves is: Will he come to us, too? Who knows, at the moment Baw does not sell cars in Italy, but it may very soon try to attack the Old Continent very soon. Regarding the initial question about the reliability of the vehicle, We will know more soon When the first Chinese customers start showing up in the showroom.

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