The influence of Western weapons and the “pause” of the Russian army –

From Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olympio

HYMARS systems supplied to Ukraine are showing their usefulness. Meanwhile, after advancing to Donbass, the Russians took a breath and reinforced units in the Black Sea

For the first time in weeks President Volodymyr Zelensky underlines how new weapons sent by NATO will have a greater impact on the ground. More and more high-quality missiles have arrived, starting with dozens of Hemar long-range rocket launchers.

With these systems, his forces successfully targeted railways, communication lines, but above all warehouses. According to intelligence sources, In the Zaporizhzhya region, the fears of the invaders and their sympathizers were heightened by the impact of the blows they had suffered.. How much credit is given only to the Himarans – always little compared to the 300 that were outsourced – or to the hard-to-quantify artillery, Kyiv certainly wants to stress that the availability of appropriate ordnance can make an impact.

Experts understand the importance of the devices, highlighting how the resistance had to face gigantic logistical problems because it got means of different origin and type (only seven models of guns), and then others that required A specific exercise is being conducted while Russia is pressing hard in Donbass. Now the Ukrainians are adapting, and they need time too Allies must be able to have greater coordination to ensure adequate supplies. Aid must be directed incrementally to be able to withstand the challenges ahead.

Perhaps the Moscow units decided to take a rest after the successes on the Severodonetsk and Lychansk axis. Western analysts note a possible operational pause: There are armored vehicles to be repaired, factions to be reconfigured, and alternatives to be added. Wherever possible, the General Staff relies on trains – the irreplaceable for the army – on parallel mobilization and on the displacement of some battalions. This certainly does not mean a period of rest. There were operations – some prevented by the defenders – and possible maneuvers to prepare for a large-scale attack on SlovianskShelling from afar for rocket attacks and fighters. Snake Island was targeted after the Ukrainians returned to raise their flag with a letter of defiance addressed to an opponent. And Moscow, forced to crawl into the Black Sea, claims to have killed several soldiers. Meanwhile, the naval task force in the northern sector has increased, on board at least 45 cruises.

To close strategic news. A NASA study found that 22 percent of Ukraine’s arable land is now in the hands of Russia. Control was added to that exercised along the coastal strip by preventing the export of wheat so essential to Kyiv’s economy.

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