The kid who wanted to become ‘King of the World’ and took London out of Europe-

From Luigi Ippolito, reporter from London

As a reporter, Thatcher was very fond of him and always sent the pieces out late. She lost her wedding ring an hour after the ceremony. I managed to implement the fastest vaccination schedule. His personality, the clown mask he chose to wear, betrayed him

The long name already exists. And it says a lot: Alexander Boris de Pville Johnson.
Journalist, playwright, politician, serial adulterer, Mayor of London, Prime Minister: Boris Johnson had all this and more. As a child, he declared that he wanted to be the king of the world. But Boris was actually his middle name: his family had always simply had the name Boris Johnson, a stage name, theatrical dress, a character he invented to deal with a chaotic and unusual childhood. The Boris was born in New York and actually moved home 32 times across two continents in the first 14 years of his life.

Little Alexander, up to the age of eight, was almost deaf. A feature that isolated him from other children and increased his sensitivity and intelligence. To survive, Eaton begins to develop his quirky and flamboyant personality, infuriating the professors because of His arrogant attitude unfortunately. As one of the professors wrote, he was convinced that the rules did not apply to him. Then he changed his name to Boris, a more effective designation.

In Oxford, he ran for president of the Students’ Union: He didn’t campaign, convinced that he should win just because it was Boris. Lost. Then he decided to try again, this time relying on a crowd of loving supporters (discover power over power-giving women): and conquered the sceptre. Boris Johnson was born.

Always at Oxford taking his first steps in journalism: a career that took off when he was in the ’90s The Telegraph sent him to be a correspondent from Brussels. Here he establishes himself as one of Europe’s most skeptical pens based in the capital of Europe, and Margaret Thatcher elected him as her favorite journalist. But his scathing articles against the Delors Commission help exacerbate the skepticism of the European Union that led to Brexit.

But all his way of being in this world is at least casual: fame is the delay with which he sent articles to newspapers, forcing editorial offices long evenings to put them on the page. Not to mention the fines he accrued when he tested cars for GQ magazine. And things don’t get any better when he becomes manager of viewerWhere they remember him about his absences, missing meetings and leaving his job until the last minute.

Equally careless is shown that in private life: (He lost his wedding ring an hour after the ceremony, we were not even at four weddings and a funeral.) Above all, it forms a relationship with the columnist in viewer Petronella White, a deal that cost him the position of Conservative Shadow Minister for Culture. A turmoil in his private life causes him to have lovers and illegitimate childrenuntil his separation from his second wife due to his relationship with the young Carrie Symonds, who later became his third wife and gave him two more children.

Johnson soon joined his journalistic career along with political life, which culminated In 2008 the London mayoral election (With later reconfirmation in 2012). Even in this role he is instantly recognizable: when he goes to Beijing to collect the Olympic flag, he infuriates the Chinese because he appears with his jacket unbuttoned. However, Londoners appreciate him, because he, too, as mayor of the capital, is moving to more liberal positionsIn keeping with the spirit of the city. And above all, he takes crazy care of his image, even intentionally scraping his hair before appearing in public. Joker, cocky, social, selfish, serial liarRespected Commentator from Guardian Poly Toynbee. But his initiatives, such as public city bikes, are successful. Pogo, that’s what Londoners call it. It was done like this: take it or leave it, love it or hate it.

When Prime Minister David Cameron called a Brexit referendum in 2016, Boris risks his most dangerous bet. Great Britain’s exit from Europe. Perhaps out of opportunism more than conviction: so much so that he wrote two editorials for it telegraphOne for and one against Brexit. But then he realized that if he rode Europe skepticism, he could go to Downing Street: a winning bet.

The unfortunate interregnum of Theresa May is gone, He set himself up as prime minister in the summer of three years ago. Just one point in the program: Get Britain out of the European Unionto end Britain’s exit from the European Union. He succeeded thanks to an electoral victory unprecedented in size except in Margaret Thatcher. Historical result: On January 31, 2020, Great Britain will leave the European Union.

Many have compared him to Trump. But not so: Boris has always been a liberal internationalist, Which did not view Britain’s exit from the European Union as a reaction to the closure but rather as a rebirth of Global Britain, open to the world. And for this innate libertarian spirit that resisted the epidemic to the end before restrictive measures were imposed. Except for the ability to implement the fastest vaccination program in Europe.

Ultimately he was lost not because of his political choices, but because of his personality (or lack of presence). Not like Margaret Thatcher, who was drowned out by the poll tax, or Theresa May, bewildered by the failure to deal with Brexit. number, Boris lost his chair because of his elaborate personality, That clown mask he’s built since he was a boy, and it’s expressed in a dysfunctional and immoral character. A few years ago, British newspapers published a picture of his car from the inside that says it all: trash, empty bottles, leftovers, trash of all kinds. They asked: Can such a failure lead the country? The answer was already there, but they didn’t want to admit it.

Therefore, the serial traitor, a hardened liar, was fired from his first jobto me times, because he forged the quotes in one piece. And he continued his career by flaunting a more than flexible relationship with the truth. Thus, with these introductions, The
The celebration in Downing Street must have seemed like a no-brainer while the rest of Britain was under house arrest During the closure or denial of evidence in the face of scandals in his party. It could be written on his political tomb that he was a scoundrel of genius: his genius was overshadowed by his irreparable malice.

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