The new speed limiter is terrifying, all cars will have to install it

The motorway law is changing to adapt to new directives coming from Europe to try to reduce accidents.

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The high speedsreached by car, was always a problem which causes accidentswhich can Transformation wrapped in those too deadly. The European Parliament And so I decided to adopt new rulewhich will cause though higher penalties. our traffic regulations You will also have to adapt, even if Fine it will not be Referred to the driverBut in car manufacturers. Let’s find out what a file isEurope And why is it so scary cars companies.

Let’s find out what new law will be applied

Wednesday 6th July and the LimitThen Date All cars will have to adaptationto me New cruise control system. cars coming Produced from now onthey will have to get speed limiterSuch as Intelligent Speed ​​Assist. This is what you decide to give Clean cut for many accidents. You know these types of speed control How do they work? Don’t worry, let’s find out right now.

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There are already systems that monitor speed, such as cruise control, but this is different –

for him The system works thanks to GPSWho reveals all our movements and tells us each one speed limits Which we meet, on our way. When we go over too fastThe The system warns us Who is this and tell us Slower. to cautionHe. She He is offline to me No direct control with the policeIt’s just a tool Prevent. he was there Warn We’re just going too fastSo We risk a fine In case we met him on the road. The worst Do we take risksincident.

Car manufacturers need to adapt now

The cars who will come next registeredafter, after July 6 They will have to get this prevention system. Houses that are not suitable They will suffer very high finesNeedless to say, I Drivers who will separate itrisk a Punishment. The problem What is emerging is that I Costs will increaseCars will suffer price increaseafter this resolution. a problem Well, since that time, cars are already selling It seems difficultNow maybe become more than that.

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This new system may reduce accidents, we’ll see if it happens –

one for car manufacturers Maybe problem Not a little, but it also goes specific that Safety is very important. Unfortunately, the Accidents caused by high speedI am many, so you have to interfere somehow. The The studied method It looks like this, now all cars should fit inIntelligent Speed ​​Assist. Then wait to find out who I am Results who is this have foundIf they wish, positivethen it will be It’s better to pay a little morebut make sure you reach your destination, In good health and alive.

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