The Nintendo Switch Pro was revealed in September, to the same Switch Insiders Oled of Splatoon 3 –

Nintendo Switch Pro Sarah announce to me September 2022. To say it was the same insider who previously revealed in the past few days that there is a special edition Nintendo Switch OLED dedicated to the Splatoon 3.

Confirming the quality of the leak on the model dedicated to the Switch OLED has also given strength to other indiscretion. With this we are not telling you that it is automatically correct, only that it received more credit than it was previously granted.

On the other hand, a well-known analyst also spoke about an announcement for this summer, so something will definitely move behind the scenes. If these disruptions translate to the Nintendo Switch Pro, it’s too soon to tell.

The overall impression is that, however, Nintendo should start thinking about a modern model of its hybrid console, which has no further to prove itself, but is technically very far behind.

As you know, Mario’s house is not very interested in participating in the race for the power of Sony and Microsoft, but there is no doubt that he should show some steps forward in this sense as well, if he does not want to fall too far behind.

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