The perfect wedding dress? Follow VIP advice

The golden rule for the perfect wedding guest is to never overwhelm the bride. However, this does not mean that you cannot indulge yourself in a festive dress, between the most daring and the most traditional looks. VIP weddings which began to occur one after the other with some hesitation (over here We talked about the month of May, over here Instead of June Ideas), offer many ideas thanks to the famous guests and their style choices.

The long dress is the most popular

Elena Barolo Palmas Magnini Wedding Dress Atelier Aime
Elena Barolo in Atelier Emè

The long and luxurious party dress is definitely the most popular choice for VIPs. Elena BaroloIn her blue dress Atelier EmmyHe was the perfect perfect man at a wedding Georgia Palmas And the Filippo Magnini (We talked about Yes Day over here). for a party Beatrice Valley And the Marco Fantini, Bianca Atzi It was romantic and sensual with transparency Antonio Maras. at the same event, Aurora Ramazzotti She chose the mood of the sixties from country lines. Wanda Nara She hasn’t given up on being sexy: the lavish dress she wore to her wedding Antonio Candreva It hugs curves and has a sexy neckline on the back.

You invite them into a suit

Federica Pellegrini's wedding dress Max Mara Matteo Giunta
Federica Pellegrini in Max Mara

This is undoubtedly the year of the suit, very trendy especially if it is colorful (we talked about over here). It’s also a valid solution as a uniform, as it turns out Federica PellegriniDefinitely beautiful and elegant in a green suit with strict stripes, paired with a cream-colored blouse. Sarah Altupeloto attend a wedding Giorgia VenturiniHe was wearing one Pinko In a very delicate pink, with the jacket worn over a lace bodice.

How much does the perfect party dress cost?

Alena Seredova Formal Dress Shoes H&M Brother Wedding Top
Alina Seredova at H&M

How much do you spend on an elegant and gorgeous party dress? Julia Salmi No expense spared: the dress with a special denim print Blumarine Who introduced to the wedding Giorgia Venturini It costs 1600 euros. Not to mention the dress Ermanno Cervino Of gradient lace with crystal, worn by Natalia ParagoniFor sale for more than 5 thousand euros. Of course, having an unlimited budget is easier to reach the goal, but Alina Seredova It proves that you can be awesome even without spending a fortune. At her brother’s wedding, the ex-model wears a T-shirt dress H&M It was flawless.

Are you looking for ideas for your party dress? Look at the gallery and steal VIP ideas!

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Atelier Emmy


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Atelier Emmy


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