The three essential checks to travel safely by car

The departure period is approaching, and many Italians will be sitting behind the wheel of their cars. Here are some simple checks that you can do on your own before traveling

Alessandro Pinto

Summer, the season of commuting and traveling by car. Although a survey has confirmed that expensive fuel encourages one in every Italian to use the car less, the Aniasa report remains the preferred mode of transportation. Especially in the summer, when many families move into vacation homes, especially if several kilometers are expected, it is good practice to inspect the car carefully. If routine maintenance is carried out regularly, it will be enough to carry out routine checks to reduce the possibility of unpleasant setbacks. Let’s see the checks that need to be done before the flight.

Tire Check

Having tires at the proper pressure is essential not only for safety, but also for the longevity of tires that would otherwise be subject to rapid wear. To do this in the garage, you need a pressure gauge connected to a compressor, but if you do not have the necessary tools, most gas stations provide free compressed air. The inspection should be carried out when cold, following the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions provided in the Use and Maintenance Manual. If there is, the spare wheel, or the efficiency of the emergency kit it is replacing, should also be checked.

fluid control

If routine maintenance checks are carried out regularly, no surprises should arise from the fluid check, which is always advisable to do before departure. Especially in the summer with high temperatures, the cooling system must be fully efficient. To check the coolant level, simply check the plastic canister in the engine compartment, which usually contains the familiar symbol for the water warning light that appears on each check before the engine is started. Be careful not to open it when the engine is hot, as there is a risk of burns. Also pay attention to the engine oil, the level of which should always be checked cold with a special dipstick. It is also important to level the washer fluid and clean the nozzles on the windshield.

light control

Finally, headlights, turn signals and taillights should be checked before every ride. Its operation ensures safety, especially during night hours, and protects against high fines.

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