The trick to open your secret WhatsApp menu full of silly features

What if I tell you that you are using WhatsApp the wrong way? Is there an alternative menu that allows you to run the application in a completely different way than the usual one?

Accessing this menu is very simple and above all you do not need to enter the application, avoiding prying eyes that control when you are online.

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Turn on the phone and then press and hold the WhatsApp icon for a few seconds. This is usually done when you want to uninstall an app, but in this case it comes as a surprise.

In addition to the notorious delete button, additional options appear, shortcuts that you can access without entering the program.

This quick menu consists of: the list of contacts you’ve talked to in the past few hours, as well as the button to access your smartphone’s camera (if you’re using Android). If you use Apple instead, you can access the QR code, camera, new chat, or search for something specific in a conversation.

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