The US wants ASML to stop selling chip-making machines to China

The US government Pressing the Netherlands with a goal block lithography machines sale produced in the country for Chinese companies.

It is headquartered in the Netherlands ASML, the largest manufacturer of chip making machines. If the US measure succeeds – which was revealed in a Bloomberg article, It will be a severe blow to Chinese ambitions To become a major player in semiconductor manufacturing and disengage Western technology.

At the moment, ASML cannot sell EUV lithography machines to Chinese customers, that is, those devices that allow you to engrave semiconductor wafers with light beams of an intense ultraviolet wavelength to produce the most advanced wafers.

Target from the US government Ensure that ASML also prevents sales of DUV (deep ultraviolet) scanners to Chinese customers Used to make chips with “mature” manufacturing processes, such as 28nm. But the pressures of the Biden administration clash with it The objective effect of the “ban” on ASML accountswhich sees its business with Chinese factories as an important source of income, estimated at 16% of its turnover in 2021.

ASML, although the largest, is not the only manufacturer of DUV scanners in the world, with Canon and Nikon gradually taking over, albeit not in a short time thanks to a lack of materials that still slows these important machines into production. Semiconductors.

Stop selling DUV machines to China could also rhypercussions also for the rest of the world As a large share of the DRAM and 3D NAND memory produced comes from China, with companies such as Samsung, TSMC and SK Hynix implementing projects from US and European companies in the Asian country.

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