“They are afraid of losing their jobs. For the sake of power…” – Libero Quotidiano

As is well known, we have also given you an account for it freeAnd the Rita Dalla Chiesa He ended up in the eyes of the usual fools. Insults, threats and defensive scars Georgia Meloni. A story that the presenter talked about in an interview with the weekly newspaper newan interview in which he also talked about his next TV role, columnist Al Big Brother VIP made by Alfonso SignoriniAlready on the schedule for next season.

Rita Dalla Chiesa?  Negotiations are in progress: Mediaset, rumors of a record hit

But here we are talking about the insults she received from the Church. who thunders: “I accept some of the things that are said to meBut they shouldn’t dare touch any of my family or my dignity. “Yes, because the haters insulted his emotions too.

Your father's fascist...: horror against Dala Chiesa and they insult her from the left

But there is more. The point is that many politicians defended Rita Dalla Chiesa for her The disgraceful treatment he was subjected to. But colleagues did not. Very intense silence. Thus, Dalla Chiesa seizes the opportunity to interview with new for They shot enough poisonous craters at the faces of the TV that remained silent: “They attack in power and have a tremendous fear of losing their place in the sun, but I’m not. That’s why I always say what I think.” And again, he remembers how he acted differently in the past: “I always stand up for them when an unfair program is taken away from them or when they get involved in false gossip,” Rita Dalla Chiesa exclaims. He who has ears to hear understands.

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