“Things from the Third World”. There is no water, Briatore forced to close the pizza

A hole in the water (but without water). Similar damage Flavio Briatore He never expected it. “Incredible things, from the third world“. The businessman, who is used to meeting the special needs of customers in his headquarters, last night had to deal with an unexpected matter misunderstanding I blew everything up: no work evening, no customers. not pull. In fact, the owner of Twiga was forced to close his Crazy Pizza, Via Vittorio Veneto in Rome, due to a shortage of Water. An unexpected event made him angry.

I would like to apologize to Crazy Pizza Roma customers because last night we were forced to close due to lack of water”, the entrepreneur himself explained in a video posted on social media, addressing clients who had previously warned of incompetence in water supplies. Then the story of the accident. “We informed ACEA at 2pm, and nothing moved until 7pm. There was absolutely no water in the apartment complex, and they didn’t even tell us if service could be restored or not and we had to shut it down. I apologize to all who booked, we were fully booked last night and had to call everyone ClientBriatore himself commented.

The owner of Crazy Pizza, a place that ended up at the center of the social controversy over the costs of some dishes, recounted the difficulties he faced in getting his business back in light of the evening. “sIn the morning they told me that they arrived with an escort tank trucks…things from Third world‘, said the businessman, adding that in doing so he decided to solve the problem independently.We worked with our technicians, we have a street number nearby, so we recovered the water in our own way‘, he affirmed again, in an annoyed tone:It is unbelievable, commercial activities in Rome are closed due to lack of water. I would never have expected“.

outlet Entrusted to social media, as the entrepreneur has already done in recent days to respond to criticism about the prices of some of his pizzas. “I’m a genius and you’re not‘, raised Flavio in that instance. This time, with equal satisfaction, came the remark instead in reference to the damage being resolved:Whoever does it alone for 3 people, we have taken another point of contact on our property and Crazy Pizza will open. Not thanks to Acea but thanks to our guys and technicians“.

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