“Third World Materials”, a case in Rome – Libero Quotidiano

back to talk about it crazy pizzaSweetened Flavio BriatoreThe ‘too upscale’ pizzeria has ended up in the middle of an absurd controversy over prices deemed too high, with Naples pizzerias on the front line against the billionaire lord. But in this case we’re talking again because Crazy Pizza in Rome, in Via Veneto, has been forced to…close.

“I want to apologize to Crazy Pizza Roma customers because last night We had to close due to lack of water“, explained Flavio Briatore on Instagram in the last few hours. In short, the time of closing and due to external factors. A case that says a lot about the shortcomings that can be faced in Rome:” ACEA warned us at 2 pm, yes nothing moved until 7 pm ” , the manager adds, is very annoyed.

And again: “In the condominiums there was no water at all, They didn’t even tell us if the service could be restored or not And we had to close. I apologize to all who booked, last night we were fully booked and had to contact all customers.”

but that is not all. Because a solution was found after 24 hours. But to put it in the words of Briatore, it’s a “Third World” solution. This morning they told me that they had arrived in cisterns, Things from the third world. We worked with our technicians, we have a street number nearby and we recovered the water by our own means,” he adds angrily. And again: “In Rome, businesses were closed due to lack of water. I never expected that. But tonight, Thursday, July 7, the restaurant will open: “Whoever does it himself will be for three people, we have taken another connection to our property and Crazy Pizza will open,” Briatore concludes: A little pride.

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