Torinese Teoresi is a bioPmed partner for medicine of the future – Piedmont

From artificial intelligence to nanotechnology

(ANSA) – Turin, Jul 07 – Teoresi, an international engineering services company headquartered in Turin, has become a partner in bioPmed, the Piedmont center for innovation in the healthcare and life sciences sectors, consisting of approximately 400 members, including companies, from research institutions and associations, with the aim of continuing the experiments that have been made for several years on pioneering technologies for future medicine and creating new synergies with the territory. Among the ground-breaking technologies already defining the medicine of the future, Teoresi identified 5: artificial intelligence and machine learning applied to telemedicine, the use of silicon and digital twin models for drug testing, wearable devices for patient safety, the application of nanotechnology for cancer research and augmented reality to slow cognitive decline for the elderly. “Partnership with BioPMed demonstrates our interest in directing research and identifying concretely viable solutions in the context of key markets and trends in medicine, in order to impact not only the health of patients but also the health system,” explains Beatrice Borgia, Chief Institutional Development Officer at Teoresi. (Dealing).

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