Tramontanta: Lukaku flips A, I see Nerazzurri Dybala. Inzaghi Scudetto Removal Guide from Milan | first page

Many see Inter as the favorite for the upcoming tournament. It’s hard not to think after the Nerazzurri actually brought in people like Appiano Onana, Mkhitaryan, Aslani, Bellanova and, above all, Lukaku. The Belgian was the surprise hit of the summer he might have had so far You flipped the hierarchies in Serie A.

Coach Simone Inzaghi didn’t hide at Tuesday’s press conference His words were very clear in the ears of those present: “This year we start behind AC Milan, the Italian champions but I don’t want to hide, we will fight with the other 5-6 teams To take the Scudetto from the Rossoneri. ”

We know feelings are one thing, while pitch definitely speaks another language. Mr. Inzaghi He knows his worth and the value of his team, he knows that the season that just ended is very positive He also realizes that the bitterness in his mouth over second place in the championship will find it difficult to fade away. He removes the pebbles from Simon’s shoes and does such a good job that, every now and then, it is necessary to point out that words often fly away but leave footprints in most people’s heads, and sometimes pass on false messages that become dogmas:The goal is to win, because in the last year we knew what happened to the market. We have secured the communityWe, as a crew, rolled up our sleeves and then it was easy to say that Inter are the favourite, unlike what they claimed in the summer when they told us we would struggle to finish fourth.”

The Nerazzurri coach has the utmost confidence from the managementadded two glasses to the notice board that is displayed in plain sight at Viale della Liberazione HQ and signed a contract renewal that attests to how comfortable the company feels to work with him. As Inzaghi himself pointed out, we are all going in one direction in favor of Inter. I also had this feeling in the afternoons I spent in the office, seeing firm, confident but at the same time, calm, calm faces who knew what they were doing and where they wanted to go.

The confidence of the Inter management has certainly been boosted by Lukaku’s incredible, perhaps miraculous return.. The Belgian will bring up the goals and solutions he missed last year, and perhaps the possibility of interpreting some stages of the match in a different way.

It is no coincidence that Inzaghi, whenever he had the opportunity, decided to congratulate his managers. Completing Lukaku’s Return was a masterpiece with multiple signatures: Marotta, Ausilio, Baccin and Zhang They worked as a team and worked miracles.

But you know in summer times the fan never gets full, if you give him 100 he wants 101, not even time to enjoy the arrival of the Big Rom, Now he wants to see another hero in the Nerazzurri: Paulo Dybala. Marotta’s dribbling Baggio wasn’t even revealing himself as Inzaghi didn’t (you choose either of the two…): “Dybala is like and represents an opportunity but we are in the attacking position and we have players of great value that the coach will have to manage in the best way, and also if there is emotion I have a lot to do with Dybala.” Not even the last episode of Umbrella Academy (TV series on NetflixIt left me more hesitant about the end of the story. I still think Dybala will eventually wear the Nerazzurri outfit.

However, Marotta is clear on one thing and embracing his coach’s thesis, the show has been enriched with two very important trophies but the second place he just won should be a warning for next season: we must get back to winning!

A season Inter want to experience as champions, with Simon Inzaghi at the helm. Inzaghi expressed great satisfaction to the club and the fans: “The renewal was physiological because it proved to be up to the facts.” Marotta’s lyrics and music. You can now start the concert starting from the Iban retreat. The work will be difficult, but to win again you do not have to give up an inch.

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