Twitter suspends the profile of economist Michel Boldrin who replies: “The Salvini League is manipulating the American social network”

The Economist’s Twitter account Michelle Boldrin has been suspended. The faculty profile of Washington University in St. Louis is important 60793 followers. As Boldrin himself wrote on Facebook, the impetus that the social network provides to the block relates to the interventions Boldrin may have had. Harassment and targeting of a specific person. It is primarily targeted in a language that is inappropriate for another user. Who uses Twitter Can report messages which it considers offensive or inappropriate for the platform which then makes an assessment and can order suspension. According to Boldrin, who in no way admits that he did not receive more detailed information about the decision, “The only person whom I have repeatedly criticized, denouncing systematic lying and manipulation of facts, is the deputy of the Venetian League (and a member of the City Council in the municipality of Venice, whose salaries no one is deprived of) Alex Bazzaro. Published systematically Lies about vaccines, Covid, immigrants, abortion, invasion of Ukraine and so on. I would have mocked or denounced 1/10 of his lies, he deserves so much more. The idea that public criticism of a “people’s representative” can be prevented and described as ‘targeted harassment of someone’ It is simply the denial of the accountability process that should be the foundation of our democratic system.

In fact, anyone familiar with the heated “discussions” that sometimes explode in the small world of Twitter knows that, on more than one occasion, the tones that Boldrin used have been very colorful. “You don’t know who one is crazy cow“,” Fascist, racist, parasite, homophobic…Amazing worm!“,” You’ve crossed the crazy plus sign crazy From Medium.” These are some of my last exchanges with other users before commenting. Twitter asked for an explanation, Boldrin continues, but Twitter responds with pre-made sentences with no specific content. We’ll see what to do, but for now this is the only rational explanation for what happened: The Salvini League somehow influences and manipulates Twitter decisions“. Having spent youth in strength factor and Avanguardia Operaia, the economist then turned solid and pure liberal and was one of the founding members of the political movement “Fare. to stop the decline” with Oscar Giannino And a member of the Bruno Leone Institute Carlo Staniaro. The movement collapsed after another participant, the University of Chicago economist Luigi Zingalesrevealed that Giannino never studied In American universities, contrary to what the journalist publicly stated. Boldrin was previously a columnist for De Economics daily fact and most recently a political columnist for Il Foglio. Professor Boldrin’s latest Twitter contribution is a “retweet” to enter against an article written by Daily fact.

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