Ubertalli switched to UniCredit a year later. Italy guide to Urcel

Reflection in UniCredit. The group’s CEO, Andrea Orsel, is also taking over as Director for Italy, and the current president, Niccol Opertali, will sell his activities with immediate effect. We want to thank him for his contribution to UniCredit’s growth “and therefore we wish him all the best for the future”. Thus in a letter to the staff signed by President Bercarlo Padoan and Urcel himself consulted by Radiocor. Ubertale is set May 12, 2021.

Remo Taricani will assist Unicredit’s CEO in the ‘mission’, taking over as Vice President of Italy and directing the day-to-day activities of the business under his supervision. Remo’s expertise, combined with his technical knowledge and closeness to the network, will ensure that “we worked in Italy and especially our colleagues in the network to standardize the results achieved and to unleash their full potential”, written in the internal note. Unicredit. The current management team and Regional Directors – Luisella Altare, Annalisa Areni, Marco Bortoletti, Andrea Burchi, Roberto Fiorini, Paola Garibotti and Salvatore Malandrino – will maintain their role, continuing to lead the business.

Padoan and Orcel added in intercom for change at the Italy summit. “This strategy was confirmed by the goals achieved in recent months and allowed us to build our first solid steps to build UniCredit Unlocked in Italy, and his plan has been confirmed. The next phase of UniCredit Unlocked makes us ready to strengthen Italy’s presence at the group level, allowing it to move faster in the process of transformation and in the realization of our ambitions, even in a context we know to be volatile.”

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