Ukraine Russia, news of today’s war | Zelensky: “Our troops are advancing to the south.” Van der Leyen: “New gas cuts from Moscow”

From Andrea Nicastro, Marta Serafini and editorial online

Thursday, July 7 news live. Ukrainian army counterattack in Kherson and Zaporozhye region. As European Commission President warns EU countries of further disruptions in energy supplies: let’s get ready

• The 134th day’s war.
• Ukraine’s Prosecutor General investigates 21,000 war crimes
• Russian attack focused on Donetsk, where local authorities launchedhumanitarian alert: There are 350,000 civilians who will be evacuated immediately

• Shaman, how does the elite battalion with which the Ukrainians carry out sabotage in the Russian lands operate.
• Pro-Russians block YouTube and Instagram in Kherson.
• Putin told Indonesian President Widodo that he will participate in the G-20.
• According to Moscow, the port of Mariupol is operating at full capacity.

07:53 a.m. – Kherson, diary of twenty-year-old Irina: Seniors bank rows and chats under control: life in a busy city

(Marta Serafini, sent to Mykolaiv) My Kherson increasingly sad. But I won’t give up on her. Irina is just over 20 years old, she was born in Kherson and studied. Since the beginning of the occupation, he keeps a diary he decided to share because I want the world to know what the Russians are doing to my city, he explains. Via Telegram, using a friend’s Wi-Fi, she turns to Corriere excerpts from what she wrote in these four months, flashes of life since February 26, the day Moscow’s troops entered her city, no more the same. I am not afraid, I am sure that the Russians will eventually be forced to leave and Kherson will finally be freed.

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7:49 AM – 007 US warning, China wants to influence Western policies

American and British intelligence chiefs have raised the alarm that China is trying to steal intellectual property and influence politics in Western countries. CNN reports that. FBI Director Christopher Wray and MI5 Director General Ken McCallum attended an event in London where they offered joint work between the two intelligence agencies to counter what they believe is the most serious threat of espionage and hacking from the Chinese government. The FBI director warned that in addition to stealing technology, China is also taking steps to protect its economy from future sanctions if it tries to seize Taiwan by force, having learned the lesson from the West’s response to it. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

07:47: Kyiv, missiles on Skadovsk, one dead and 4 wounded

Mayor Oleksandr Yakovlev said that one person was killed and four others, including a child, were injured, in an attack yesterday on the Ukrainian port of Skadovsk (south) in the Russian-occupied Kherson region. Kyiv Independent.

06:00 – Zelensky: Our forces are advancing to Kherson and Zaporizhzhya

The Ukrainian reaction will give good results on the war ground. The Ukrainian armed forces are advancing in different tactical directions, in particular in the south, in the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions. We will not give up our land: the Ukrainian president made it clear that the entire territory of Ukraine will be Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky In a video message posted to his Facebook profile

05:50 – Shaman, the elite battalion with which the Ukrainians carry out sabotage on Russian soil

(Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olympio) having struggled in the first phase of the war, when they embarked with great difficulty on the land, The Russians found the right tactic to achieve the goals. In the Donbas they relied on artillery power – vastly superior to that of Ukraine – and they are advancing slowly, He still managed to grab the ground from the resistance: having occupied the entire Lugansk region, they are now aiming at Sloviansk and the rest of Donetsk, Take advantage of the advantage in terms of man and means. Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, admitted to the Wall Street Journal that there is a huge concentration of artillery and armor in every square kilometer, we can not resist.

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05:47 – The mayor of Slovensk called on residents to evacuate the city

Russian progress and Sloviansk . city Seems to be the next target. That is why Mayor Vadim Lyach urged the remaining residents to evacuate, as the city appears to be in the plans to occupy Donetsk and the evacuation of civilians becomes increasingly difficult. The Kyiv Independent newspaper writes it. After capturing the city of Lysychansk, Ukraine’s last major stronghold in the Luhansk region on July 3, Russia should focus on complete control of Donetsk.

05:44 – Russia, Putin now arrests moderates: former Tsar collaborator and hockey star in prison

(Marco Amarisio) I am currently on vacation abroad. That was two weeks ago, and so he was talking on the phone Vladimir Ryzhkov, deputy of the Moscow Duma, advocate of the liberal opposition To Vladimir Putin. Recently, many have gone on vacation, let’s call it that. Also because the alternative is to stay in the country’s prisons. With the rhythm of daily dripping, The excellent Kremlin arrests suddenly resumed. Perhaps it is inappropriate to call it a wave, as it was at the beginning of the so-called special military operation, when thousands of activists, students and historical leaders were denied a protest. This was the first and most important process to remove any dissenting voice.

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05:40 – Von der Leyen: Let’s prepare for a complete cut of Russian gas

We must prepare for further disruptions in gas supplies, including a complete cut off from Russia. Today a total of 12 member states are directly affected by partial or total cuts in gas supplies. Obvious: Putin continues to use energy as a weapon. That is why the Commission is working on a European contingency plan. We will present this plan and the necessary tools by mid-July. So the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, in his full speech before the European Parliament to present the Czech Republic to the presidency of the European Union. Member states already have their own national contingency plans. That’s fine, but we need European coordination and joint action. We need to make sure that in the event of a complete cut off, the gas flows to where it is most needed. We must provide European solidarity. He explained that we need to protect the single market and industrial supply chains. We must never forget the bitter lesson we learned at the beginning of the pandemic. Selfishness and protectionism only lead to division and disintegration. While European unity and European coordination were the essential remedies to overcome this brutal epidemic. As usual, we hope for the best, but we are preparing for the worst. This hard work lies ahead. But as in the past few weeks, loneliness will lead to success.

05:35 – The Prosecutor General of Ukraine investigates more than 21,000 war crimes

There are more than 21 thousand war crimes This crime was allegedly committed by Russian forces, which is being investigated by the Ukrainian authorities. This was stated by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Irina Venediktova. Venediktova’s office receives reports of 200-300 crimes of this kind every day, Nexta TV reports.

05:30 – Putin tells Widodo that he will participate in the G20, to be determined how

As for the G20 summit in November, an official invitation was received from the Indonesian president Goku Widodo Addressed to the Russian leader. Jakarta has been reportedPresident Vladimir Putin’s intention to attend. The form of participation is subject to an in-depth analysis based on the development of the situation in the world, taking into account the sanitary and epidemiological situation in Southeast Asia. The Russian Foreign Ministry explained this in a note, according to TASS. Sergey Lavrov will lead the Russian delegation at the G20 foreign ministers meeting in Bali on July 7-8.

05:25 – Pro-Russians block YouTube and Instagram in Kherson

YouTube and Instagram ban a Kherson. The pro-Russian administration in the occupied Ukrainian region says it has ordered the blocking of access to the platform and the social network. We broke up with YouTube a few days ago. A spokesman for the pro-Russian authorities in Kherson was quoted by Interfax as saying, “We are now without YouTube and Instagram.”

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