Ukraine, the West divides the areas to be reconstructed. Italy sneered: Granted an occupied territory

The war continues but reconstruction has already begun. on paper. Based on the first proliferation of slides presented at the Lugano Conference, Italy, together with Poland, would have won a prize Donetsk. This half is already in the hands of the Russians and could soon be completely lost, considering that civilians are already fleeing en masse. The lion’s share will go to the two countries that have mainly committed themselves financially and militarily to support Zelensky: Great Britain, which will take care of the capital, Kyivand the United States that will take care of the second city in the country, which was also bombed yesterday, Kharkiv. Then the Americans and British will bear the greatest responsibility for rebuilding Ukraine’s armed forces and arsenals.

In the UK, among other things, a first group of Ukrainian soldiers is being trained, with the help of elements of the Security Assistance Brigade. The training described by Defense Secretary Ben Wallace includes the use of weapons, first aid in the field, patrol tactics, and lessons on the law of armed conflict. Each course lasts two weeks. In total, the UK government provides $2.3 billion in military aid. Another country that is very busy on the political-diplomatic front, Turkey, is grateful to Kharkiv. Once again, the Baltic states a ZhytomyrDenmark Mykolaiv (Ukrainian hands and on the front line), Greece a MariupolIt was occupied and crushed by the Russians. The mayor estimated, yesterday, that the revival of the city’s port on the Sea of ​​Azov will cost more than 14 billion dollars in ten years. As many as 356 housing units were destroyed or damaged, and more than 40 percent of private buildings were bombed. It’s a matter of bringing home 220,000 people.


The question is: will the Ukrainian flag return to fly in Mariupol? Germany will rebuild SernihivCanada Sumy. Sweden and Holland allocate Kherson Province, where Zelensky’s forces are desperately looking for an opportunity to counterattack. So far, of course, this is just a project, and the final maps will be drawn by the war. But in the meantime, it’s clear which countries will be ahead. It is unusual that Italy and Poland, which were first in activity on the political-diplomatic front in favor of Kyiv despite the reliance on Russian energy, and second which were emphasized in relief and aid structures due to the massive influx of refugees, were relegated to honors. The province that Ukraine is about to lose and may never be able to rebuild. As for Lugansk, completely occupied by the Russians with the fall of Lysichansk, it will be under the protection of Finland and the Czech Republic. Meanwhile, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, yesterday described the “correct” idea advocated by Ukrainian Prime Minister Shmyal, that frozen Russian assets are “used for the reconstruction of the country”. “We are working on that,” he added.

Shamal estimated the assets of Nabobs Moscow “between $300 and $500 billion”. The eighth mysterious death in the ranks of the Russian oligarch was also yesterday’s news: Yuri Voronov, a senior manager associated with Gazprom, was found dead – shot – in his swimming pool in St. Petersburg.

The total reconstruction plan is currently 750 billion for 850 projects, of which 350 are spent in the first three years on 580 projects, and 400 until 2032 for the rest. In Lugano, on behalf of Italy, the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs attended, Benedetto Della VidovaWhich reaffirmed “political, military and financial support for Ukraine and its people, for its territorial integrity and sovereignty, independence and freedom, resistance and, of course, reconstruction.”

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