University, scheduled entry 22-23: 14,740 places for medicine.

For the degree course in Medicine and Surgery, 14,740 tentative places have been designated pending agreement at the Conference of Governmental Districts. This is confirmed by the decree signed by the Minister of University and Research Maria Cristina Mesa that specifies, provisionally, Available places To access the one-cycle master’s degree course in Medicine and surgery For the academic year 2022/2023.

The training capabilities that universities have entered into the database will be 14,740 Places for candidates from EU and non-EU countries residing in Italy, compared to 14,020 last year, and 1.136 For candidates from non-EU countries residing abroad. The decree allocates places for universities in Temporarily, pending agreement identification to be appointed within the Permanent Conference on Relations between the State and the Territories and the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano.

In addition to the Medicine and Surgery Ordinance, other Ministerial Resolutions (No. 1115 and 1112) have also been issued specifying places available, permanently provisionally, for Master’s degree courses in Dentistry and prosthetics dentist and medicine veterinarian – veterinarian.

Regarding the first, the educational potential expressed by universities in the database is 1330 placesWhile the places allocated for the master’s course in veterinary medicine 1,040.

Again on a provisional basis, with Decree No. 1113, places for degree courses health care professions. In total, for candidates from EU and non-EU countries residing in Italy, they are 31,730 (For the last academic year there were 30,180) divided as follows: 1,097 for obstetrics, 264 for pediatric nursing and 17,997 for nursing, 809 for vocational education, 157 for podiatry, 2622 for physical therapy, 915 for speech therapy, 309 for orthopedics and ophthalmology . assistance, 407 for developing neuropsychological treatment, 445 for psychological rehabilitation techniques, 274 for occupational therapy, 1212 for biomedical laboratory techniques, 1327 for medical radiology techniques, image and radiotherapy, 185 for neurophysiological techniques, 199 for orthopedic techniques, 320 for hearing aid technologies, and 243 for cardiovascular physiology and cardiovascular perfusion techniques, 825 for dental hygiene, 574 for nutrition, 95 for audiometric techniques, 602 for healthcare, and 852 for prevention techniques in the environment and in the workplace.

in final methodOn the other hand, with Decree No. 1114, places are fixed for candidates from non-EU countries residing abroad for degree courses in dentistry and prosthetics (119), veterinary medicine (59), health professions (1616 for three years and 86 master’s degrees) and primary Education Sciences (164).

From Monday 4th July Candidates Those wishing to register to participate in entrance examinations for degree courses in medicine, surgery, dentistry, stomatology and veterinary prosthetics in Italian can do so through the dedicated portal.

Ministerial decision n. 1110 which specifies the procedures and contents of the admission test for master’s degree courses in medicine, surgery, dentistry and prosthodontics in English. Also in this case, candidates will be able to register from Monday 4th July.

As already communicated, the National entrance exams National courses for the degree of restricted access will be held for the next academic year Between Tuesday 6 September – for candidates for a one-cycle master’s degree in medicine, surgery, dentistry and prosthetics in Italian – And Wednesday, September 28when candidates for master’s courses in the health professions close.

Veterinary Exam date is set for Thursday 8 September 13 for candidates in Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry and Prosthodontics in English Thursday 15 September for Health Professions 20 September for Master’s Degree 1 course in Primary Education Sciences while for Architects training it will be decided Test dates are given by each university on its own call and must be completed by Friday 23 September.

Indications for the procedure for taking examinations are included in ministerial decrees: it is a question of solving questions, with a different number of possible options among which to determine the only correct answer.

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