Unveiled a solar-powered electric car with a range of 1,000 km

A battery-powered vehicle, developed by the University of Bologna, is recharged by the 5 square meter solar panels equipped with it

Alessio Macaluso

– Milan

There is a solar-powered car, called the Emilia 4, which is Italian, and if its production costs were very different from the existing ones, it would be a real revolution in mobility. There will be no one. electric, hydrogen and so on; Everything is outweighed by a non-pollution energy source which, if all goes as planned – will not run out for at least the next five billion years. Yes, Emilia4 moves thanks to the light generated by the sun, and it works really well.

the event

The presentation took place in Rome, in one of the most institutional places in the capital, Farnesina, the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, which co-financed the project. Here, along with Emilia4—among others—Manlio Di Stefano, Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, steps in, emphasizing how Farnesina is at the forefront of what is environmental sustainability. Hence the “Farnesina Verde Award”, which includes Italian diplomatic offices abroad (consulates and embassies), which rewards those who have made concrete steps and choices in environmental matters. One example among many? The Italian Embassy in Brazil considered it “zero waste” which uses compost to the garbage from which it obtains fertilizer.

The project

Therefore, there has never been a better chance of revealing some of the secrets of Emilia4, which our Faculty of Engineering of the University of Bologna has clearly established, in collaboration with the Serbian College in Belgrade. The car, as mentioned, moves thanks to simple solar energy and to do this it benefits from the presence of 5 square meters of panels on the body. Then the power ends up charging a lithium battery with a capacity of about 30 kWh. There are two motors at the rear and positioned close to the two rear wheels, capable of returning 1.1 kW of power.


Translated this means that traveling on average around 50/60 km/h it is possible to take advantage of a range of about 1000 km with a top speed that can in any case exceed 100 km/h quite easily. The bodywork is made of carbon fiber, and it weighs very little – just over 300 kg – while the length of 476 cm allows the Emilia 4 to take up to 4 passengers on board. However, this gem of technology has a value of more than 300,000 euros, making it – for the time being – a real laboratory in constant development. Brilliant, well-finished and so credible it’s hard to see in the near future busy on the roads every day.

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