Using your mobile phone in bed at night is harmful: serious health consequences

Using your cell phone in the evening, as soon as we go to bed, is more harmful than we think: the dire consequences for our health

Evening is the prime time when you have time to watch a video on your mobile phone or check your social media. However, monitoring your smartphone in the dark, on the bed, before bed, can be very harmful.

Using your mobile phone at night can be harmful (Source: Pexels)

A study has shown that nighttime use of a smartphone can lead to serious consequences not only for health, but also for the psyche. The research was conducted at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, in Massachusetts. Researchers have shown that cell phone use at night can increase sleep disturbances and lead to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. All of these elements are primarily associated with decreased melatonin.

Cell phone light at night may confuse neurophysiological mechanisms. Usually people use perception the lightmainly the sun, as one Stimulus. Instead, the dark Marked as one Stop. All this, therefore, would lead to poor sleep quality.

Problems related to night use of mobile phone

cell phone
Mobile phone: using it at night is awful (Source: Pexels)

Using a cell phone right before bed is very harmful. The aspect that can cause the most damage is the light emitted by the screen. In fact, the light of a smartphone is an incentive to stay awake. Exposure to a cell phone for too long at night can destabilize the body, even causing irreparable damage.

Insomnia is one of the main problems that can arise. But in more serious cases, sleep deprivation can lead to psychological damage. Exposure to artificial light from a smartphone can significantly affect sleep quality, reducing hours of rest. Poor sleep quality can negatively affect mood and make people jittery. These two aspects of the long term, as specified in an article published by Northwest MedicineAnd the It can cause anxiety and depression in an individual. Moreover, all this can greatly affect learning skills and memory. However, it is not too late to change habits. In fact, Many researchers advise before going to bed to sleep by reading a book, which promotes physical and mental regeneration.

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