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The family of three-cylinder sports cars is ready to welcome the latest “RC” models in its class for the Dragster, Turismo Veloce and F3. Let’s find out together

6 July 2022

yoThere was a complete overhaul of the three-cylinder MV Agusta 800 last year With the passage of Brutale, Dragster, Turismo Veloce, Superveloce and F3 models – with their respective variants – to legalization Euro 5 on emissions.

Attention is focused on Varese to launch New fortune explorerbut it will take some time, in the meantime, however, developments of the current range are continuing.

And theThis is how House of Schiranna has organized the press launch of three new products next week. It is located around F3 RCAnd the RC SCS Dragster And the Turismo Veloce RC SCS.

In addition to the shortcuts, there is an official image that you find above and something appears. In the absence of numbers and based only on that, we think we can say that they are in fact new equipment options based on existing models.
Currently listed In fact, it has a Dragster RC SCS (on sale for €22,600) and a Turismo Veloce RC SCS with prices starting at €23,600.

Current Dragster RC SCS

TheAnd developments for that appear at the level of livery and coloring the rims, while in the case of the F3 it will be a return to the model that was in the range until 2020.

It is conceivable that MV Agusta completed the bikes new ingredients And with a new Accessoriesthe acronym SCS indicates how an automatic engagement clutch made in collaboration with Rekluse is known, but the technical basis of the motorcycle seems to be known.

and that is;  2021 Turismo Veloce RC SCS

This is the 2021 Turismo Veloce RC SCS model

sSo with three cylinders in line, the “three pistons”, in its latest version and 140 horsepower at 12,500 rpm on the Dragster RC SCS (160 kg dry declared a speed of 245 per hour), 110 hp in the case of a Turismo Veloce RC SCS (and a weight of 192 kg declared dry) and 155 hp at 13200 rpm in the case of a super sports car F3 Rc.

The space in the comments is now At your disposal If you have any curiosity or anything else to discuss with us during the upcoming press launch.

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