“We didn’t even start in Ukraine. Does the West want to defeat us in battle? Try it »- Corriere.it

New threats to Vladimir Putin voiced to Parliament leaders in the Federal Assembly. US Secretary of State Blinkin and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov avoid each other at the G20

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Mykolaev – “In Ukraine we have not yet begun to deal seriously.” Before the Parliamentary Leaders of the Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin He launches a new verbal attack on the West: “Do they want to defeat us on the field? Let them try.”.

The tsar accuses the countries that support Kyiv of leadership A proxy warWeakened hopes for peace: “The longer the clashes continue, the more difficult it will be to start negotiations.”.

Meanwhile, the fight continues.

On the southern front, Russian missiles Two granaries were blown up during the night as 35 tons of grain were stored. Serious damage was inflicted even if, according to reports from the spokesman for the head of the Odessa Regional Military Administration Sergey Brachuk, there were no casualties.

It was always outside the Black Sea The tanker “Millennium Spirit”, which was flying the flag of Moldova, collided, ended aimlessly. The boat was mostly empty, but inside was the remnants of the diesel fuel he was carrying. In addition to the Russians have Destroy the docking surface of Snake Island. An attack that did not prevent Kyiv forces from raising the Ukrainian flag on the island, which they recaptured in recent days, with the message: “Remember, a Russian warship, the Serpent Island is Ukrainian” and the signatures of the military leaders of the Southern Command. .

To the east, the army is trying to eliminate the latter pockets of resistance in Lugansk And go deeper into Donetsk by pursuing the Ukrainian forces deployed around the city of Sloviansk. In the face of the Russian advance, the evacuation of civilians continues: Sloviansk, which had a pre-war population of 110,000, was the target of intense Russian bombardment for several days. “The evacuation is underway, and at the moment there are 23,000 people in Slovensk,” said Mayor Vadim Lyach.

after, after Lysychansk . conquered Sunday, a week after the Ukrainian army withdrew from its neighbor SeverodonetskThe Russian army claims that Almost the entire Lugansk province is under its control, which the Ukrainians continue to deny. “Fighting is still going on in two villages,” Governor Sergei Gaidai confirmed.

The Russians are now trying to conquer Donbass II province, Donetskthus occupying the entire mining area that has been partially controlled by pro-Russian separatists since 2014. But for this reason They have to take Sloviansk and Kramatorskthe two largest cities in the region are still in the hands of the Ukrainians.

In Bali, at the end of the first day of the G-20, although there was no conversation between the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey LavrovThe United States Secretary of State Anthony BlinkenThe conflict in Ukraine dominated the summit, and numerous meetings were held on the sidelines of the summit.

Lavrov met with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yiwho reaffirmed to him the desire for cooperation between the two countries and then called on the Beijing representative to join efforts so as not to succumb to US pressure: “We are getting more and more support and appreciation at the international level, and Lavrov said, according to the Russian press, that he encouraged Wang Yi to Resist the “overtly aggressive policy” of Western countries.

In the meeting with her Turkish counterpart Mouloud CavusogluOn the other hand, Lavrov took the opportunity to reiterate that “Moscow’s additional Western support for the military ambitions of the Kyiv regime is unacceptable.”

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