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It’s certainly not good manners (even if it doesn’t hurt), but the desire to care about the needs of another and help them overcome them. This is the essence of medicine

It is fashionable to talk about kindness. Prominent churchmen and writers write books and draft pastoral letters. But what exactly is kindness? What does it mean to be kind in medicine? It’s definitely not good manners, even if it’s badly needed. Don’t say: Thank you, have a seat, good continuity. Don’t move away to let one person pass. Kindness is an inner availability that escalates through behavior. Hippocrates says: I will regulate the standard of living for the good of the sick according to my power and discretion. So here’s the question: Is medicine a nice profession? It has to be by nature and from the start. Lo is in his DNA where standard of living, listening, helping, caring about the needs of others, and being committed are the original matrix. A kind person is a kind person who feels compassion for others, is attentive to their needs and does not hesitate to help them. What is a doctor if not this? To be aware of this is to be proud of the role of the individual and not to suppose that medicine is a noble art, because the thing, the tormented man, glorifies it. He is the one who teaches you, tests your abilities to be a good doctor, and to be kind to those around you. This nobility should not be soiled by forgetting the original principles. With negligence, negligence and disrespect of the rules. Kindness is taught, attested by good example in work and leisure, not ostentation but ordinary everyday life. Stay gold is an American term meaning to stay gold, which is a warning not to faint and to maintain integrity in behavior. It is more good than ever for those who have chosen to become a doctor: do not lose sight of what you are doing, who is before you, who asks you for help, who has chosen you to be saved. A privilege you may not realize, but not everyone has this responsibility. So: stay gold!

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